GINX eSports TV is the world’s only international video gaming and eSports television channel, broadcast 24/7 to 26 million households across 40 territories in 9 languages. In addition, our multimedia platforms extend beyond that reach; to Amazon Fire, Roku and Twitch, along with our website, mobile app and social media pages.

Our target audience is Males 16-34 who love gadgets, films, games and toys – a demographic who are proven early adopters of new technology and who pursue the latest trends.

GINX eSports TV is also a production company & we make all our channel content in-house. This means we have exclusive rights to all our content, and complete control over our branding and show sponsorship. Our content covers all games and technology from casual to hardcore, and includes brands such as Videogame Nation, The First Hour and Planet of the Apps.

For more information please contact Michiel Bakker.

GINX Distribution


Michiel Bakker

Direct: + 44 (0) 208 576 6660

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Cromwell House

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Dominic Matterson : Director : MEDIA 15

Direct: + 44 (0) 7775 536684

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3rd Fl, 52-53 Margaret Street