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BoomTV Code Red Warzone tournament: Schedule, format, players, prize pool and how to watch

Everything you need to know about the next BoomTV Code Red Warzone tournament, including teams, schedule, stream, and more.

BoomTV is back with yet another Code Red Warzone tournament.

This time around, the focus will be on the ladies, as the teams will be either mixed-gendered or all-female, so we can expect some really exciting matches and unusual duos.

This edition of the Code Red Warzone tournament will be a fun and atypical event, and most definitely something you'll not want to miss!

Here's everything we know about it so far.

BoomTV Code Red Warzone schedule

BoomTV Code Red Warzone schedule stream
(Picture: BoomTV)

The tournament will be a 1-day event, and it is scheduled for Wednesday, 17th March.

The event will start at 12 pm PT /  3 pm ET / 8 pm CET

BoomTV Code Red Warzone format

  • 2v2 Warzone Public Matchmaking,
  • Both opposing duos must add each other and squad up together in "BR Squads"
  • Double-elimination bracket
  • Winner's Bracket: Most Kills over two matches throughout Grand Finals
  • Loser's Bracket: Most Kills over one match until Losers Finals, then over two matches 

BoomTV Code Red Warzone teams and players

BoomTV Code Red Warzone female players teams
(Picture: BoomTV)

As we've mentioned earlier, each team competing will have at least one female player.

There will be 16 teams, and currently, 8 duos have been revealed.

  • Aydan + Dani
  • Tommey + BrittneyRaines
  • Swagg + Gabby
  • C9 Emz + AngellAT
  • FaZe Bloo + Bunni
  • KaleiRenay + Austin
  • Hollyy + UnRational
  • IceManIsaac + Siena
  • BobbyPoff + TBA

BoomTV Code Red Warzone prize pool

The tournament features a $25,000 USD prize pool.

The best duo will earn $15,000, the second place will go home with $7,000, while the 3rd place team will be richer for $3,000.

BoomTV Code Red Warzone stream: How to watch

The tournament will be broadcasted live on the official BoomTV Twitch channel.