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CDL Stage 1 Major: Schedule, group standings recap and prize breakdown

The first major of the Call of Duty League 2021 season is upon us, with all 12 teams fighting for the lion's share of the massive half million prize pool, vital CDL points and bragging rights.

After three weeks, we're at the end of stage one for the Call of Duty League 2021 season, with all 12 teams competing for the lion's share of a staggering half a million prize pool.

The first Major of the season will also see teams fight for important CDL points which will count towards future seeding in events.

So will Atlanta FaZe continue their unbeatable streak? Here's all the information you need on the current standings, prize pool, bracket, schedule, and where to stream matches. 


Stage 1 recap, pool standings and seed placements

Before the major, teams in both groups have played against each other once. Those matches have resulted in teams receiving CDL points, which count for future tournaments and also seeding for Majors. Seeds are awarded through 1-6 with both first seeds from each group having automatic entry into winners round two. 

Seeds two and three from each group will battle against each other in winners round one. Seeds five and six will battle it out for a chance to face seeds four in the elimination side of the bracket.

Group A standings

Group_a_standings(Picture: CDL)

Dallas Empire came out on top of group A by the skin of their teeth. In the final day of CDL Super Week, Ian “C6” Porter’s side ran out 3-0 winners against Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag’s LA Thieves.

Former Dallas Empire player James “Clayster” Eubanks has been a standout performer and is leading his Subliners outfit into Winners round one, where they will face OpTic Chicago. 

One team that has caught the eye for all the wrong reasons is London Royal Ravens, who have yet to win a single match. They enter a first round elimination match with Christopher “Parasite” Duarte still acting as a stand in for Trei “Zer0” Morris

Group B Standings

Group_b_standings(Picture: CDL)

Atlanta FaZe, out of all the CDL teams, are the only unbeaten side in the league. They have a maximum of 50 CDL points, are first place in overall standings, and are favourites to win the first Major.

OpTic Chicago are their closest rivals within their group, who have revived the OpTic Gaming brand after their underwhelming 2020 season in Modern Warfare.

Prize pool and CDL points distribution

  • 1st place - $200,000, 75 CDL points
  • 2nd place - $120,000 - 60 CDL points
  • 3rd place - $80,000 - 50 CDL points
  • 4th place - $40,000 - 40 CDL points
  • 5-6th place - $20,000 - 30 CDL points
  • 7-8th place - $10,000 - 20 CDL points
  • 9th/10th/11th/12th place - All receive no monetary prize and no CDL points 


CDL Major bracket

cdl_major_bracket(Picture: CDL)


Schedule and how to watch 

You can check out a full breakdown of the CDL Major schedule below. 

Wednesday 3rd March: Match day 1

  • Losers R1: London Royal Ravens vs Toronto Ultra - 12pm PT/3pm ET/8pm GMT
  • Losers R1: Florida Mutineers vs Seattle Surge - 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET/9:30pm GMT

Thursday 4th March: Match day 2

  • Winners R1: LA Thieves vs LA Guerrillas - 12pm PT/3pm ET/8pm GMT
  • Winners R1: Optic Chicago vs New York Subliners - 1:30pm PT/4:30pm ET/9:30pm GMT
  • Losers R2: Paris Legion vs TBD - 3pm PT/6pm ET/11pm GMT
  • Losers R2: Minnesota ROKKR vs TBD - 4:30pm PT/ 7:30pm ET/ 12:30am GMT

Friday 5th March: Match day 3

  • Winners R2: Dallas Empire vs TBD - 12pm PT/3pm ET/8pm GMT
  • Winners R2: Atlanta Faze vs TBD - 1:30pm PT/ 4:30pm ET/ 9:30pm GMT
  • Losers R3: TBD vs TBD - 3pm PT/6pm PT/11pm GMT
  • Losers R3: TBD vs TBD - 4:30pm PT/ 7:30pm ET/ 12:30am GMT

Saturday 6th March: Match day 4

  • Losers R4: TBD vs TBD - 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm GMT
  • Losers R4: TBD vs TBD - 1:30pm PT/ 4:30pm ET/ 9:30pm GMT
  • Losers R5: TBD vs TBD - 3pm PT/ 6pm ET/ 11pm GMT

Sunday 7th March: Match day 5

  • Winners final: TBD vs TBD - 12pm PT/ 3pm ET/ 8pm GMT
  • Losers final: TBD vs TBD - 1:30pm PT/ 4:30pm ET/ 9:30pm GMT
  • Grand final: TBD vs TBD - 3pm PT/ 6pm ET/ 11pm GMT

The entirety of the major can be watched via Call of Duty League’s YouTube channel embedded below.

So will 100 Thieves CEO and former pro Nadeshot witness his side reign supreme? Will C6 further cement his legacy as one of the greatest players to pick up a controller? Or can London Royal Ravens turn the tables and replicate the elimination bracket run which made them infamous last year? Let the action commence.