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Raven Software is looking to nerf Cash economy in Warzone Pacific

Raven Software wants to nerf the Cash economy in Caldera and Rebirth Island, sparking upset among players who believe they should fix more pressing issues in Warzone Pacific.
Raven Software is looking to nerf Cash economy in Warzone Pacific

Over the past few weeks, Warzone Pacific players have been crying out to Raven Software to resolve recurring bugs and glitches ruining their matches. While the developers have appropriated an aggressive response to tackle player concerns, a recent surprise announcement revealed that they are also adamant about changing a core pillar of the game, the Cash economy.

Warzone devs to nerf Cash economy on Caldera and Rebirth Island

According to Raven Software's 11th January Twitter post, the current experience in Warzone "lends to an overabundance of Cash." Subsequently, the developers note that they are "working towards a more balanced approached," signalling an incoming nerf to the Cash economy in Warzone Pacific. 

This latest announcement has been met with mixed reactions from players on Reddit. "Yeah, [the] abundance of money is definitely what needs [to be] worked on. Give me a break," said one Reddit user sarcastically.

"Might want to sort out buy stations freezing first; otherwise, any amount of money is useless," said another disgruntled player. "For real. The devs are so clueless on what the community actually wants; it is wild," said a third.

Warzone Rebirth Buy Station freezes game: How to fix
Players have been complaining about freezing Buy Stations crashing their games. (Picture: Activision)

A fourth user argued for the balance change. "You find way too much cash in the new map; it's actually insane. I consistently get AUAV's up before the first zone is closed, and constantly hear them going off from others [...] A balance is needed," they said.

Despite this, the overwhelming majority of players think that the latest update is unnecessary given the abundance of issues plaguing Warzone Pacific.

warzone devs to nerf cash economy warzone pacific caldera rebirth
Raven Software is expected to release a mid-season patch on 13th January. (Picture: Activision)

So, naturally, players have sought to request that Raven Software address more pressing concerns, such as the increasing cost of killstreaks, or instead, consider the return of early Loadouts.

However, only time will tell whether the developers will proceed with their change or heed players' feedback ahead of the mid-season patch arriving on 13th January.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.