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Warzone Pacific invisibility skin glitch is back just days after being patched

Warzone Pacific players have found yet another invisible skin glitch on the Wraith Operator merely days after Raven Software patched the Francis Operator "Awoke" invisibility skin bug.
Warzone Pacific invisibility skin glitch is back just days after being patched

Last week, Warzone Pacific players breathed a sigh of relief after Raven Software announced that they finally fixed the Francis Operator's dreaded "Awoke" invisibility skin glitch. The bug was causing a slew of trouble across Caldera and Rebirth Island, and many players regarded it as a "pay-to-win" skin.

However, despite the 5th January patch update, it seems as though the problematic glitch has returned to a different skin.

Warzone invisibility skin bug returns on Wraith Operator

On 9th January, a Reddit user shared their experience with yet another invisible skin bug they encountered during a Quads game on Caldera. "Another invisible skin? [It] happened last night, not sure if it's just on my end of what," they said.

warzone pacific invisibility bug wraith operator awoke glitch francis operator
The dreaded invisible skin bug has returned to Warzone Pacific with the Wraith Operator skin. (Picture: Reddit / andrewkbmx)

We could see the user peek through their scope in the clip after hearing enemy footsteps nearby. However, to their surprise, the player noticed the unusual sight of a floating head running across the terrain.

The clip shows that the Operator's torso, arms and legs were completely invisible due to the bug. However, the player could still take down the enemy after shooting at them despite this.

"At least it's not as bad as the one battle pass [skin]," commented one Redditor. "The same skin was invisible like this in a match I played. I think it's a bugged skin as well, which not a lot of people know about," said another.

The latest invisible skin bug appears to affect the Wraith Operator
The latest invisible skin bug appears to affect the Wraith Operator. (Picture: Activision)

Indeed, the latest glitch is similar to the bugged "Awoke" skin of the Francis Operator, only this time partially affecting the Wraith Operator. Moreover, the developers have not officially recognised the bug, presumably (or instead, hopefully) because the bug is not ubiquitously present in the game.

While we agree that this glitch isn't as bad as before, it is still concerning given that Raven Software released a patch addressing the invisible skin glitch under a week ago.

Beyond this, the previous "Awoke" glitch took weeks for Raven Software to fix, which doesn't inspire much confidence should more players encounter the bug in their matches.


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.