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Clash Royale: King's Tower level 14, card upgrade costs and more

Get ready for Clash Royale's biggest progression change as level 14 is coming soon for the King's Tower.
Clash Royale: King's Tower level 14, card upgrade costs and more

Supercell Games have been introducing a wave of progression changes for Clash Royale throughout the year which saw the arrival of new game items. Aiding players in collecting Gold and upgrading cards faster, the next game update may see its biggest progression change yet.

Clash Royale's autumn update will see the King’s Tower receive an upgrade for the first time in five years. We have detailed how these changes can affect game progression, new changes to card upgrade costs at lower and higher levels and more.

Clash Royale: King’s Tower level upgrade

From Magic Items to Gold Crates, card progression has been at the cornerstone for Clash Royale this year. As such, sources have indicated that the next progression change arriving in Clash Royale will see the royally iconic King’s Tower receive a long-awaited upgrade.

According to a reliable Clash Royale source, Royale API, the King’s Tower will be upgraded from level 13 to level 14 towards the end of 2021. This also means that all cards will have their maximum level moved to level 14.

Clash Royale: Changes to card upgrade costs

Players will not have to worry about card upgrades costing double gold as reports suggest that it will instead be redistributed between the last few levels. The breakdown is that upgrading to level 14 from level 13 will be the same as level 12 to 13 currently. Another important note is that based on card rarity, material and gold costs between levels 11 and 13 will likely be affected by the changes.

The card upgrade costs changes arriving in Clash Royale's autumn update. (Picture: RoyaleAPI)

For cards that have yet to be upgraded, the prices will only apply to these cards accordingly. This means, if players have paid more gold in the past to upgrade cards, they won’t be reimbursed going forward.

For maximum level cards presently, they will not have any material progress for level 14 once the new level is unlocked. Because of the changes to card upgrade costs, cards from level 12 and below that haven’t been upgraded, will likely have an excess of cards as a result.

The card material costs changes arriving in Clash Royale's autumn update. (Picture: RoyaleAPI)

“This means that players who didn’t upgrade their cards can be closer to meeting the material level 14 requirements than a fully maxed player,” according to Royale API.

Clash Royale: What about Slash Royale?

As of right now, the Slash Royale limited-time event is still ongoing until 26th October for players to upgrade all cards at half gold costs. This is also applicable for Star Levels as players will also find daily gold gifts at the Shop and can earn up to 200,000 gold depending on your Arena Level.

With this in mind, players who are close to reaching maximum level should hold off until the limited-time event concludes, especially with the next update arriving soon. Players will then have an overflow of cards which can contribute towards reaching level 14.

However, players can still take advantage of Slash Royale by upgrading the lower card rarities like Common and Rare as they offer more value when converting card material to gold.

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Featured image courtesy of Supercell.