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Clash Royale login issues hit players ahead of Summer 2021 update

Just ahead of the Season 24 launch and the Summer 2021 update, Clash Royale login issues have started to appear as players can't connect to the servers.
Clash Royale login issues hit players ahead of Summer 2021 update

Update 7th June 11:30 CET: Clash Royale servers are now back in action. Keep an eye out on the game's official Twitter account if you experience login issues.

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There's a whole lot of exciting things for Clash Royale players to look forward to, with the release of Season 24 and the Summer 2021 update being imminent. However, on 7th June at roughly 10:00 CET, players have started experiencing login issues, as they simply cannot connect to the servers at the time of writing. Here's what we know so far about the issues.

Clash Royale login issues 

Players can't log into the Clash Royale servers right now, and some think that's maybe because of the incoming Summer 2021 update.

However, developer Supercell announced on Twitter that they are aware of the current login issues, and it doesn't appear to be due to the upcoming update.

Supercell explains: "We are aware that players are currently unable to log into the game right now. We are working on a fix and hope to get you back to battling as soon as possible."

Clash royale login issues servers down summer 2021 update(Picture: Supercell via Twitter)

Supercell has not revealed the exact reason for the Clash Royale login issues. While there has been a lot of DDOS attacks against popular titles such as Apex Legends in the past few weeks, it remains to be seen if this is the fault of hackers or just some server issues.

No ETA has been provided for a login server fix by Supercell. However, those who are struggling to log in to the game right now should know that it probably isn't their connection or mobile device. Basically, don't go crazy trying to fix your internet as this is not a user-related issue.

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