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COD Mobile
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COD Mobile Search of Stansfield: How to get Mil-Sim - Dark Covenant Brute operator and other rewards

Search for Stansfield themed event has begun in Call of Duty: Mobile, offering many rewards, including Mil-Sim - Dark Covenant Brute, Man-O-War - Covenant Standard etc. and here is how you can grab them.
Call of Duty: Mobile introduces different featured events in each season, and the latest one is the Search for Stansfield. In this event, you will be helping Templar and Ghost to take revenge on Stansfield and the elusive Dark Covenant. 

You will have to collect Search Clues to progress in the event and earn rewards based on the number of Search Clues gathered. Here is how you can do it.

Search for Stansfield event

COD Mobile Search of Stansfield: How to complete and all rewards
Help Ghost and Templar chase Stansfield by gathering Search Clues. (Picture: Activision)

You can earn Search Clues to chase Stansfield by playing multiplayer and battle royale matches. The more matches you play, the more Search Clues you will earn.

In addition to this, if you play by equipping Peacekeeper MK2 - Crustpunker and Baseball Bat - Punk Power, you will get 50 percent extra Search Clues in the event.

You can unlock these weapons by participating in the Live, Laugh, Boom! draw along with a bunch of other draw rewards. You will also be unlocking different cities and their stories while proceeding in the event. 

Search for Stansfield event rewards

COD Mobile Search of Stansfield: How to complete and all rewards
Unlock different cities and rewards by earning Search Clues. (Picture: Activision)

Here is the list of cities you will be unlocking, along with the rewards you will be getting in the event by gathering Search Clues.

  • 400 Search Clues (Miami Harbor): MW11 - Shaded Weaponry 
  • 500 Search Clues (Denmark): Boat - Shaded Weaponry 
  • 800 Search Clues (Morocco): XPR-50 - Shaded Weaponry
  • 800 Search Clues (Bokeskigen Forest): Ninja - Shaded Weaponry 
  • 1000 Search Clues (Turkey): Type 25 - Covenant
  • 1200 Search Clues (Thailand): ORV -- Covenant
  • 1500 Search Clues (Tabernas Desert): ATV - Covenant 
  • 1800 Search Clues (Barents Sea): M21 EBR - Covenant 
  • 2000 Search Clues (Kazakhstan): SP-R 208 - Covenant 
  • 3000 Search Clues (Sweden): MX9 - Covenant
  • 3000 Search Clues (Moscow): War Birds
  • 3000 Search Clues (Siberia): Pawn Takes Pawn
  • 4000 Search Clues (Pacific Ocean): Man-)-War - Covenant Standard 
  • 30000 Search Clues (Anchorage): Mil-Sim - Dark Covenant Brute
COD Mobile Search of Stansfield: How to complete and all rewards
Earn exclusive frame as a reward for using special weapons to play in the event. (Picture: Activision)

In addition to this, if you collect all the items in the Live, Laugh, Boom! set, you will get Gas Guzzled as an exclusive reward. 


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Featured image courtesy of Activision.