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COD Mobile Season 3: Release date, info, leaks, more

A new season always brings with it tonnes of new content for COD Mobile and Season 3 is no different. Here is everything we know.

At the start of the year COD: Mobile reset its season counter and the game is, once again, into Season 2. 

The season, dubbed Day of Reckoning, is well underway with new weapons like the AS VAL and the, as of yet still unreleased, SP-R 208 sniper rifle being added to the game. Along with a new BR mode, two new maps, a battle pass and much more besides.

day of Reckoning brought with it loads of new content and Season 3 will follow a similar pattern. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

But for that new stuff, we can't help but want more and with the release of Season 3 less than a month away its time to take a look at what might be on the horizon for everyone's favourite mobile FPS (don't @me PUBG/Free Fire stans).

When does COD: Mobile Season 3 begin?

Perhaps the easiest question to answer because we know not only when Season 2 ends but also the historical precedent when releasing major updates.

Long story short, Season 2 finishes up on 16th April with Season 3 going live that very same day.

So we can say with some certainty that Season 3 begins on the 16th of April.

What can we expect from Season 3?

We would be lying if we said there is loads of info out about what is coming in Season 3, with Season 2's release just 10 days in the rear mirror there isn't a whole lot to say.

Season 2 introduced Shoot House and Shipment two maps from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019). With there long being rumours of a return of Zombies to COD: Mobile could Season 3 be inspired by Black Ops Cold War and re-introduce the fan favourite? Maybe.

Call of Duty Mobile Season 3 release date leaks
Season 2 was inspired by the latest Modern Warfare title. (Picture: Activision Blizzard)

We do know there will be a new battle pass for players to get their teeth into and at least two new weapons.

We promise to update this section as more information and leaks come out.