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COD Mobile shotgun tier list - Every shotgun ranked from best to worst for Season 7

We rank all the shotguns in COD Mobile Season 7 from best to worst, taking balance changes and the current meta into consideration for our tier list.
The Call of Duty: Mobile Season 7 update, entitled “Elite of the Elite” brings a tonne of new content from maps, modes and a Cyber Attack event, to the Kinetic Armour Operator skill, and the brand-new Battle Pass filled to the brim with rewards. With every new season, we take on the task of ranking weapons in each class from best to worst, and Season 7 is no different.

In our shotgun tier list for COD Mobile Season 7, we take all the balance changes into consideration, as well as the current meta to rank all seven shotguns in COD Mobile Season 7 from best to worst. 

COD Mobile Season 7 Shotgun tier list

Shotguns are short-range barreled weapons that discharge numerous small pellet-like shots. They deal incredible damage in close-quarters combat, and there are seven of them in COD Mobile Season 7. They are perfect for those who want to get up close and personal with the enemy.

Note: Our tier lists are not an exact science, however, we do strive to make our shotgun list as accurate as humanly possible.

Description of the tiers

COD Mobile Season 7 tier list shotgun best worst
A visual representation of how our rankings work. (Picture: Tiermaker)
  • S-Tier: Even without the perfect loadout, the S-tier shotgun in COD Mobile Season 7 will blow enemies to smithereens
  • A-Tier: With the right attachments and a great loadout that suits your playstyle, the A-tier shotgun can compete with the S-tier.
  • B-Tier: The B-tier shotgun delivers a lot of damage when paired with the perfect loadout. It's average.
  • C-Tier: You will require the perfect loadout to make this shotgun a worthy pickup.
  • D-Tier: The trash tier shotgun. A throwaway weapon you should probably not use.

Shotgun tier list

There is a total of seven shotguns in COD Mobile Season 7, as we've included the double-barrel secondary shotgun, Shorty. There have been some balance changes in COD Mobile Season 7, specifically aimed at the Shorty shotgun, and we also take the current meta into consideration with our rankings.

S-tier shotgun:

COD Mobile Season 7 shotgun tier list best worst shotguns
The KRM-262's reign won't come to an end anytime soon. (Picture: Activision)
  • KRM-262

The KRM-262 maintains its position as the best shotgun in COD Mobile Season 7 and is the most powerful gun in its class. The KRM-262 packs serious damage and is extremely versatile. 

A-tier shotguns:

COD Mobile Season 7 shotgun tier list best worst shotguns echo krm-262 shorty
Get up close with the Shorty to blast your opponents away. (Picture: Activision)

The Striker remains one of the top shotguns in COD Mobile Season 7, while the Shorty has received a few minor nerfs, moving it to the A-tier.

B-tier shotguns:

hs0405 cod mobile season 7 shotgun tier list echo
The HS0405 is an average shotgun. (Picture: Activision)
  • HS0405
  • Echo

It's easy to mistake the HS0405 with the HS2126. The latter, however, is a viable shotgun in COD Mobile Season 7, while the former is not. The Echo joins the B-tier for Season 7, based on current meta performance.

C-tier shotgun:

cod mobile season 7 by15 shotgun tier list best worst
The BY15 barely escapes the trash tier. (Picture: Activision)
  • BY15

The BY15 didn't get any buffs in COD Mobile Season 7, and remains in the C-tier, avoiding the fate of the D-tier weapon. 

D-tier shotgun:

cod mobile hs2126
HS2126 (Picture: Activision)
  • HS2126

The trash tier for shotguns in COD Mobile Season 7. We suggest players avoid the HS2126 at all costs unless you like scraping the bottom of the barrel; we won't judge.

So there you have it, all seven shotguns ranked from best to worst at the start of COD Mobile Season 7. 

If you disagree with our list, be prepared for even more disappointment in our assault rifle, LMG, sniper and SMG weapon tier lists.

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Header image via Activision.