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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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Ever wondered what’s inside a Fall Guy? Anatomical fanart reveals the horrible truth

In a series of anatomical sketches by Twitter user Visual_Ronin, the insides of Mediatonic’s beloved Fall Guy are finally revealed… and it’s horrible.

Only the most obsessed Fall Guys fans have probably wondered about the internal workings of the party battle royale’s wacky jelly bean characters. As it turns out, artist Visual_Ronin is one such fan, as the user posted a series of detailed drawings of the Fall Guys’ anatomy on his page.

According to the scientific drawings, the Fall Guys don’t differ too much from human anatomy, except with giant skulls and short but thicker-than-anticipated bone structure. Their internal organs, whilst looking a little cramped, also resemble that of a human being, but we really didn’t need to imagine a Fall Guy’s gastrointestinal tract right this moment.

These sketches also indicate that the Fall guys have a hidden mouth, with the jaw situated right below the face hole. There’s something so oddly terrifying about this, and in some ways, the creature’s proportions cause it to resemble a titan from the Attack on Titan franchise.

Fall Guys Anatomy inside a fall guy bean
(Picture: Visual_Ronin)

The Fall Guy’s eyes are also shown on the diagrams, and they appear to be small black pellets even when viewed from the side. This is made all the more unusual by the giant eyeholes that the Fall Guys’ skulls still contain. 

It’s safe to say that we’d never imagined the Fall Guys to be so horrifying inside, and quite frankly we think we’d rather not have seen it, to begin with. Fall Guys Community Manager, Oliver Hindle, retweeted the art on his personal Twitter account, claiming that he wasn’t sure he’d get away with posting it on the game’s official page.

In another tweet, the Mediatonic employee mentions that Visual_Ronin also appears to be a tattoo artist, and asks who the first person will be to get these monstrosities permanently marked on their skin. Given the incredible popularity of the game, it’s likely not going to be long before we see a few Fall Guys tattoos appear, but we’d imagine that these prints wouldn’t be many people’s first choice.