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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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Fall Guys Season 3: All new obstacles

The third Fall Guys season will bring new winter themed levels with a bunch of crazy and chaotic obstacles for players to deal with.

Fall Guys Season 3 has been officially announced at The Game Awards 2020, and with the start of Season 3 - winter is coming!

Season 3 of one of the biggest surprises of the year is bringing snow and ice into its arsenal of things that will make us laugh and furious at the same time.

Developers at Mediatonic have prepared a bunch of cool new cosmetics and emotes, but what's more important, a set of completely new obstacles for players to tackle with while trying no to lose their nerves.

So, let's see what awaits us in Season 3.

Flipper Tiles

Fall Guys Season 3 new Obstacles
(Picture: Devolver Digital)

Flippers are placed all around the map on the floor and if the player stands on it, the Fall Guy will be instantly catapulted.

Developers explain that they particularly like this one because it's easy to be implemented on any level and they can use it wherever they want.

Flippers are probably the least chaotic obstacles of all the new hurdles in Season 3.

Punching Gloves

Fall Guys Season 3 new Obstacles
(Picture: Devolver Digital)

Punching Gloves are boxes embedded in walls or floors, and at the moment someone stands in front (or on) them, a huge punching glove emerges and hits the Fall Guy.

Initially, they were designed to look like presents, but developers thought that it would be strange to see presents in later seasons, so they've decided to go with what we have now as the final design for them.

Ice Tiles

Fall Guys Season 3 new Obstacles
(Picture: Devolver Digital)

Ice Tiles are very similar to hexagon tiles (they are also hexagons) and as Fall Guys stand on them, they slowly start cracking until they are completely destroyed. And as an additional nuisance - they are very slippery!


Fall Guys Season 3 new Obstacles
(Picture: Devolver Digital)

Fans are quite straight-forward in terms of how they function. They are set to blow air either vertically or horizontally, and they will push Fall Guys away from them in a direction they are facing.

If set horizontally, they will make Fall Guys float in the air!

Originally, the idea was to have a blizzard as an obstacle, but developers felt like it wasn't physical enough to be obvious to the players what's happening, and that's why they have turned it into fans.

Growing Snowballs

Fall Guys Season 3 new Obstacles
(Picture: Devolver Digital)

This obstacle looks like the most fun one out of all new ones in this season.

It is a huge rolling snowball that grows and gets bigger and bigger, and wreak chaos everywhere it passes. It knocks down and pushes Fall Guys in all directions and looks like there will be a lot of funny moments around it.

Growing Snowball was the first that developer knew they want to have it for Season 3 and they say that they like very much how it functions and how it fits in the new levels.

There you have it, all the new obstacles that will be implemented in Season 3!

Fall Guys Season 3 releases on PS5 and PC on15th December.