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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout
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News > Battle Royale > Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys to receive new outfits inspired by DOOM Eternal

Being announced in a surprising way, the new outfits based on the Bethesda franchise will arrive at the Mediatonic’s Battle Royale in the coming days.

Despite the decline in players, Fall Guys has remained one of the most supported games by its community, thanks in no small part to all the content released in recent months.

From different video game franchises to personalities such as Ninja and Mr Beast, to G2 Esports, the game has great collaborations, including one that will come soon.

After a preview published through Twitter, where an alliance between the Battle Royale and Bethesda was teased, the launch of three new outfits has been announced, which will be available in the next few days within the game’s store.

Fall Guys Doom eternal outfits
(Picture: Mediatonic)

Although the cost of the new outfits wasn’t revealed, it can be presumed they will cost 10 crowns (5 for each piece of the outfit), with the Tyrant-based outfit being the first release.

Although the other two were only teased but not shown, it is known from the silhouettes of the preview that they will be both the Cacodemon, and the legendary DOOM Slayer.

Undoubtedly, this announcement has surprised both Fall Guys casual playerbase, as well as fans of the Bethesda franchise, who will be able to watch and enjoy this new content very soon within the award-winning Mediatonic game.