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News > Sports game > FIFA 21

EA responds to viral FUT Twitter thread: "Investment is a choice"

The company has responded to a Twitter thread made by ScudzTV, claiming the content creator makes "a lot of assumptions being made in the calculations."

It's no secret that in order to get a top-tier squad in FIFA Ultimate Team players have to spend a decent amount of money, however, for a lot of users, the needed investment can be exorbitant, with a Twitter thread by ScudzTV showcasing the communities issues with FUT.

In the thread, Scudz reveals how he managed to earn his dream squad filled with Icon cards, spending a total of $100 million coins.

According to his calculations, a person would have to play the game for roughly "22,000 hours" to earn this squad without spending a single penny of real-life currency, among other findings.

With over 4k retweets, EA deemed the thread important enough to be addressed, claiming in a statement made to the Mirror that, while they "respect the effort and creativity to map out possible paths to greatness, we challenge the premise of these theories."

EA Sports responds to Twitter thread

The main gripe the company has with Scudz's analysis is that "there are a lot of assumptions being made in the calculations."

ea respondes to twitter thread
(Picture: EA Sports)

According to EA, "you can’t accurately calculate how many coins you would earn from trading as that would depend on your skill as a trader." The average coins traded per 10 minutes used in the Studz thread saw him earn 10k coins in that period of time, for reference. 

Furthermore, EA explains that special events such as the famous Squad Building Challenges, Objective players, and more, contribute to players spending less time grinding and more time earning the special items they desire.

The developers would add that "investment is a choice players can make, just like in the real world. Some teams build through investment, and that’s a choice for owners, front offices and managers in real-world sports, just as it’s a choice in EA SPORTS FIFA."

"That’s as it should be," EA finished, implying that fans should not expect a dramatic change to the current FUT economic system in the near future.