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Forza Horizon 5's Solar Panels challenge: Solar panel locations, challenge rewards and more

Looking for solar panels to bash and smash for XP? We covered everything on the current solar panels challenge from the Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist series including the locations, challenge rewards and more.
Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist includes a series of missions and challenges ranging from new races, PR stunts and events for players to complete once reaching 100% completion or looking to earn more rewards. One of the latest PR stunts challenges available until next month requires players to smash some solar panels.

While it may appear simple enough, players aren’t having the best of luck when it comes to locating solar panels in-game. In this guide, we detail more about this Festival Playlist challenge, where to find solar panels and challenge rewards.

What is the solar panels Festival Playlist challenge?

The current Festival Playlist season is available until 1st December 2021 as part of the Winter Season in Forza Horizon 5. This challenge, which forms part of the season’s Daily Challenges, requires players to locate and smash 20 solar panels within 30 seconds or less.

forza horizon 5 forza horizon 5 festival playlist forza horizon 5 festival playlist challenge forza horizon 5 festival playlist menu
The Festival Playlist menu for the current season in Forza Horizon 5. (Picture: Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios & Windows Central)

Once destroying as many solar panels within the specific timeframe, the game will grant you rewards for your efforts if you’re working your way through the Playlist challenges.

Where to find solar panels in Forza Horizon 5?

In Forza Horizon 5, there is an area populated with solar panels located near the middle of the Horizon map. Geographically, this solar panel farm is situated close to the town of Mulegé, near the Cordillera region.

forza horizon 5 forza horizon 5 festival playlist forza horizon 5 festival playlist challenge forza horizon 5 solar panels location
The location of where you can find the area populated with solar panels. (Picture: Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios)

There are a few Speed Traps in this vicinity, but once players have reached the location, a solar panel icon will appear when they access the game’s map. From here, players can race around the area, smashing as many, if not all, solar panels to earn rewards and XP.

What are the solar panels challenge rewards?

This solar panel challenge will reward you with one Playlist Point and 10 Forzathon Points upon completion. There is also the additional XP reward players can earn while smashing the solar panels plus an achievement, Seasoned Veteran, by completing a Festival Playlist activity for each season, granted you haven’t completed one at this point.

forza horizon 5 forza horizon 5 festival playlist forza horizon 5 festival playlist challenge forza horizon 5 solar panels rewards
Completing this challenge can earn players rewards including a Festival Point and XP. (Picture: Playground Games / Xbox Game Studios)

This guide has covered all the information about the solar panels Festival Playlist challenge. We do hope that no cars have been destroyed during the destruction of solar panels.

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Featured image courtesy of Playground games/ Xbox Game Studios.