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Halo Infinite multiplayer update to add new playlists and tweaks challenges

The latest Halo Infinite multiplayer update will finally add a slayer playlist and other necessary additions.
Halo Infinite multiplayer continues to be a polarizing affair. While fans love the gameplay and the maps it currently offers, they are disappointed with the slow-progressing battle pass, the state of microtransactions and the lack of dedicated multiplayer playlists.

Thankfully, developer 343 Industries has been actively listening to fan feedback and implementing necessary changes at a slow yet steady pace. A recent significant change includes the increased XP reward for completing a match. Another significant and much demanded update will arrive on 14th December, adding Slayer playlist and more to Halo Infinite multiplayer.

Halo Infinite multiplayer update adds playlists and fixes challenges

Halo Infinite MP update adds playlists and tweaks challenges
The latest update will add the much-requested slayer playlist to Halo Infinite multiplayer. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Four new playlists are coming to Halo Infinite multiplayer on 14th December, developer 343 Industries announced via Halo's subreddit. "I'm happy to report that a Slayer playlist is officially locked and loaded for the update next week," says a 343 representative. Alongside the much-requested dedicated slayer playlist, the upcoming update will also include the previously announced Fiesta, FFA( free-for-all), and Tactical Slayer (SWAT).

343's community director, Brian Jarrad, previously stated that adding a slayer playlist is the studio's top priority though doing so is not as easy as "pushing a button." 343's original plan was apparently to release a variety of new variants for the slayer playlist though this wouldn't have been ready before the holiday season.  As it turns out, the slayer playlist is coming to Halo Infinite multiplayer on 14th December though fans should know that this will be the most basic variant of it, with more variety coming later down the line.

Halo Infinite MP update adds playlists and tweaks challenges
The latest update will also make necessary adjustments to the game’s weekly challenges. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Alongside the addition of playlists, 343 is also making some necessary tweaks to Halo Infinite's challenges offerings. This includes removing some infuriating mode-specific challenges that can be impossible to complete, reducing requirements for certain ones, making the weekly ultimate challenge more accessible, and adding brand new ones for the newly introduced playlists. The new update will also add a new challenge category that rewards players based on their performance, something which fans have requested since day one.


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries