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Halo Infinite: Unbound Plasma Pistol - Where to find and how to unlock

The Halo Infinite campaign includes many side missions to complete, some tasking players with finding different weapons. Here's everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Unbound plasma pistol including where to find it and how to unlock it.
The Halo Infinite campaign is finally here, and players are racing to complete the storyline. Along with the main levels and tasks are various side missions, some tasking players with finding various weapons.

Among those special weapons to find, players will be assigned with searching for the Unbound plasma pistol. The plasma pistol is a longtime Halo weapon, available for use in multiplayer mode as well.

Here's everything you need to know about the Halo Infinite Unbound plasma pistol, including where to find it and how to unlock it.

Plasma Pistol location in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite Plasma Pistol first person view
The Plasma Pistol can be charged up to release a stronger shot. (Picture: 343 Industries)

Some of the side missions in Halo task players with taking out High-Value Targets. HVT's are Banished enemies who have killed many humans and Spartans in Halo’s lore.

Eliminating these HVT's rewards you with their signature weapon of destruction. You can pick it up from one of the nearby armoury stations or also off of the HVT themself.

Briglard is the HVT at the plasma pistol location, and you'll need to eliminate the target (and all other enemies) to unlock the weapon. The area can be found in the Southwest landmass portion of the map right along the ridgeline.

Halo Infinite Briglard HVT plasma pistol
The map location for Briglard to unlock the plasma pistol. (Picture: 343 Industries)

When you reach the location, you will come across a number of enemies. Make sure to precisely eliminate them, as you don't want to waste time and ammunition before battling Briglard.

You'll need to completely clear the area of enemies, including Briglard, to unlock the plasma pistol. When you have taken them all out, pick up the plasma pistol from Briglard's corpse, or go to a nearby armoury station to claim it.

Make sure to check out our dedicated Halo page for all the latest as the campaign and multiplayer modes are both live and available to enjoy. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with all the latest weapons, vehicles, and map information.

Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.