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How to unlock Winter Contingency rewards in Halo Infinite

343 Industries doesn’t adequately explain how to unlock the rewards in Halo Infinite’s Winter Contingency event, so here’s how to do it.
Halo Infinite's multiplayer has received several significant updates since its beta launch in November this year. Thanks to the changes in progression and playlists, Halo Infinite's multiplayer is currently in its best state since launch, receiving high praises from gamers alike.

Beyond the battle pass, fans have plenty of incentive to dive into Halo Infinite's multiplayer this holiday season with the launch of its first winter event called Winter Contingency. Similarly to the previous Fracture: Tenrai event, Winter Contingency is a "free for all" event and comprises a 10-tier battle pass.

However, unlike the Fracture: Tenrai event, the rewards in the winter event are not unlocked by completing event-specific challenges. Here's our handy little guide to unlocking Winter Contingency rewards to make things clear.

Winter Contingency rewards

After opening Halo Infinite's multiplayer, players will notice a dedicated column for the Winter Contingency event, similar to how it was for the Fracture: Tenrai event.

How to unlock the Winter Contingency rewards in Halo Infinite
How to unlock the Winter Contingency rewards in Halo Infinite. (Picture: 343 Industries)

According to the in-game description, players will earn rewards by completing event challenges; however, Winter Contingency has no event challenges. Indeed, that may not seem clear, and 343 Industries has done little to explain how players should instead earn the rewards.

Thankfully, we've managed to figure it out. It seems as though Winter Contingency rewards are earned simply by playing a multiplayer match in Halo Infinite.

Players can unlock one Winter Contingency reward every day by completing a multiplayer match
Players can unlock one Winter Contingency reward every day by completing a multiplayer match. (Picture: 343 Industries)

However, the catch is that players will only gain one reward every day, meaning that they have to play a multiplayer match in Halo Infinite for ten days during the Winter Contingency event to unlock all ten rewards.

While this makes snagging those exclusive rewards relatively easy, players have to keep coming back every day and play at least one match to unlock these rewards in a slow yet steady manner.


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Featured image courtesy of 343 Industries.