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Alliestrasza delays Hearthstone card reveal in light of sexual harassment lawsuit against Blizzard

Hearthstone content creator Alliestrasza states that this is not the time for a fun card reveal video.
Alliestrasza delays Hearthstone card reveal in light of sexual harassment lawsuit against Blizzard

Alexandra "Alliestrasza" Macpherson, popular Hearthstone player and content creator, has postponed her card reveal video, which was scheduled to be released today.

Her decision comes following yesterday's shocking news about a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard, which has left the gaming world speechless, as it contains some truly gruesome testimonials, including an indication that a female employee was driven to commit suicide.

The seriousness of the accusations, and the fact that the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing (DFEH) is suing Activision Blizzard after a 2-year investigation, are giving the situation a rather dark tone. Many are being in disbelief that such terrifying things could have happened in once everyone's beloved company such as Blizzard.

Alliestrasza was supposed to reveal a new Hearthstone card that was given to her by Blizzard, one of 135 from the upcoming United in Stormwind expansion. But given the circumstances, her decision to refuse to reveal the card today comes as no surprise and it is completely understandable.

"I would not be releasing my Hearthstone card reveal today," Alliestrasza says in the video statement. "For those of you who follow my content, you know that my card reveals are always fun and cringey, and celebrate the best of Blizzard's creativity. And today is just not the day for that."

Hearthstone "card reveal season" is a period of a few weeks before each expansion's release where content creators around the world are getting a chance to exclusively reveal new cards from the upcoming expansion, and it is usually a great honour to get a chance to reveal a new card.

Alliestrasza card reveal video united in stormwind
(Picture: Alliestrasza)

Alliestrasza is an important member of the community and she has been getting cards to reveal in each expansion cycle for a few years now.

Alliestrasza states that her motive not to show the card today is to show support for the victims and bring attention to the issue.

"It is our responsibility, as individuals - if you see something, or if your intuition tells you that something is not right, and you suspect harassment, or discrimination, or whatever it may be - we all have the responsibility to speak up for what is right," she said.

Alliestrasza wants to stress out that, while today's story is about Activision Blizzard, these kinds of horrible things are happening "everywhere all the time, it's extremely prevalent."

Alliestrasza says that people who especially deserve support are those who had the courage to share their stories, as they are the ones who will help these kinds of things not to happen again and be eradicated from society.

At the time of writing, Alliestrasza has yet to schedule a new date for her card reveal video.