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Trump refuses to reveal United in Stormwind card following sexual harassment lawsuit against Blizzard

Trump is joining other content creators who have decided not to reveal cards from the upcoming Hearthstone expansion as a way to show support for the victims.
Trump refuses to reveal United in Stormwind card following sexual harassment lawsuit against Blizzard

Jeffrey "Trump" Shih, one of the longest-standing and biggest Hearthstone content creators, has decided not to reveal his United in Stormwind card and return it to Blizzard instead.

As one of the most well-known personalities of the Hearthstone community, Trump is joining Alliestrasza and Lt. Eddy, who have also decided not to reveal their cards yesterday.

Unlike them, who have only postponed their card reveals, Trump has decided not to reveal his card at all this season, and return it to Blizzard instead.

Hearthstone "card reveal season" is a period of a few weeks before each expansion's release where content creators around the world are getting a chance to exclusively reveal new cards from the upcoming expansion, and it is usually a great honour to get a chance to reveal a new card.

Trump refuses to reveal United in Stormwind card
During his HS career, Trump has been a member of Team Liquid, TSM, and Tempo Storm (Picture: Blizzard)

Their decisions are related to a much more serious issue, a lawsuit for sexual harassment and discrimination against Blizzard, and these content creators think that it is neither appropriate nor important to reveal cards at this moment, and instead, they want to use their influence to bring attention to this alarming problem in the gaming industry.

Trump has been a staple member of the Hearthstone community since the early beta days of the game back in 2013, and he is one of the most beloved Hearthstone personalities amongst fans, praised for his kindness and sincerity as a person, and for his methodical approach to the game as a player.

Trump has announced that he is not going to reveal a card from the United in Stormwind expansion in his latest YouTube video.

"There is some backlash for Blizzard getting sued by California over allegations for sexual discrimination as well as harassment, " Trump explains in the video. "Some cards, as an effect, did not get revealed, and I will stand alongside them and also not revealing a card this particular season as a result."

Trumps's card reveal videos are usually funny and light-hearted, which would simply not feel like a right fit in the current situation.

Trump added that originally he wanted to both reveal the card and make a statement about the accusations, but the seriousness of the allegations simply didn't allow for that kind of a compromise.

"I originally had thought about still revealing the card and then attaching a very strong message to it, where I would amplify the voices of those who spoke up against the specific things that happened at Blizzard," Trump said. "But they were so graphic and actually terrible that I decided that I could not subject my audience to that."

trump mia malkova
Trump is often collaborating with female Twitch streamers (Picture: Trump)

Like many others who grew up with Blizzard's games, Trump states that he is really sad to see all this coming from a company that was a part of his life "forever".

He wanted to use this opportunity to express the importance of having more women both in the gaming industry and gaming in general. While he calls this situation "a setback"  he thinks that ultimately this will help to achieve the goal of equality, as it will shed light on the issues and help in removing them.

"I look forward to the day where women in the gaming industry, in all industries, and in games in general, are all equal to men, and I have no doubt that it will happen someday," Trump ended his message.