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Hitman 3
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News > Sandbox > Hitman 3

Hitman 3 speedrunners complete Dubai level in 8 seconds

Hitman 3 speedrunners have managed to eliminate both targets on the first level in eight seconds showing some innovative tactics.

IO Interactive's Hitman franchise has always provided magnificent sandboxes where players can eliminate targets in creative ways with Agent 47. However, the franchise has also been known for its speedrunning community. Now, less than a week after the release of Hitman 3, speedrunners have already been able to complete the Dubai level in 8 seconds.

Hitman 3 Dubai speedrun record

The first Hitman 3 level is set in Dubai, where players are tasked to assassinate two targets, Carl Ingram and Marcus Stuyvesant.

Hitman 3 speedrunners speedrun record dubai mission 8 seconds(Picture: IO Interactive)

In the mission "On Top Of The World", four speedrunners, at the time of writing, have been able to eliminate their targets in eight seconds.

This information comes from Speedrun.com, and it is important to note the Hitman 3 Dubai speedrun record is for Any%, which means you don't need to complete additional objectives, and Agent 47 can get spotted.

Hitman 3 speedrunners speedrun record dubai mission 8 seconds(Picture: Speedrun.com)

For these incredibly fast speedruns in Hitman 3, the players use the Atrium elevator entrance to the level. 

Then, they alert the targets in order to stop them from moving. Thanks to the starting position of these targets, the speedrunners are then able to pick them off using a silenced pistol. 

All that's left to do after eliminating the targets in the Dubai level is to head back to the Atrium elevator.

Check out player Goron's speedrun, which is currently tied at 1st place with three others.

These speedruns do require quick reflexes and a lot of practice. However, they also seem doable by the average player with enough practice.

Completing the Dubai level in 8 seconds, unfortunately, only awards you two stars, as Agent 47 does get compromised during the mission.

Looking to become Agent 47? You can purchase Hitman 3 from Amazon right now.