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Legends of Runeterra patch v2.9.0: Taliyah and Malphite buffs, Inspiring Marshal nerf, and more

Two Shurima Champions will receive important buffs with the upcoming Runeterra update.
Legends of Runeterra patch v2.9.0: Taliyah and Malphite buffs, Inspiring Marshal nerf, and more

The Legends of Runeterra dev team continues to take fan feedback into account when balancing the game and has decided to buff two underused Shurima Champions as a result -- Taliyah and Malphite.

According to the balance team, both Champions have been underperforming, with decks revolving around the pair not "meeting standards."

For Taliyah, it's a simple matter of receiving a bump in health and power, as for Malphite, its level-up requirements have been eased up, making it a more reliable Champion.

So without further ado, let's get to everything coming to Legends of Runeterra with patch v2.9.0.

Legends of Runeterra v2.9.0 patch notes

runeterra patch 2.9.0
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  • Level 1: 2|4 → 3|5.
  • Level 2: 3|5 → 4|6.

Malphite (Level 1)

  • You’ve summoned 12+ mana of landmarks. → You’ve summoned 10+ mana of landmarks.

Followers and Spells

Blossoming Blade 

  • COST: 4 → 5.
  • BASE STATS: 3|3 → 4|3.

Inspiring Marshal

  • COST: 5 → 6.
  • BASE STATS: 4|6 > 4|5


Patch 2.9.0 brings new champions, powers, and more to Lab of Legends!

  • New Starting Champions Added: Irelia, Zilean, Malphite, Lissandra, and Fizz have been added to the starting champion roster. Get a Malphite card back for completing a run with each of them!
  • New Support Champions Added: Sejuani, Leona, Yasuo, and Viktor have been added as draftable champions during a run.
  • More Powers!: 18 new Powers have been added - 10 Common, 5 Rare, and 3 Epic.
  • Taliyah Rocks Now (Hopefully): Taliyah’s deck has been updated.

We’re making a few changes to Duo Queue: Shared Spoils as well:

  • More Deck Consistency: Players can now bring 0-2 decks with them rather than 0-3, so they'll always see any decks they bring as options.
  • Queue Up: Players will be given a chance to add their teammate as a friend if they're solo queueing.