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How to get PD Anthony Davis or PD Vince Carter for free in NBA 2K22 MyTeam

The rewards for the Triple Threat game mode have been updated and with it a brand new opportunity to add some offensive firepower with Pink Diamond players.
NBA 2K22 is definitely a fun game but it has an elemental advantage for those who invest beyond a copy of the game as buying bundles provide you with a better chance of getting the best players available.

For the rest of us, the grinders, we get our currency from constant play and it has its perks as well because we gain some muscle memory and we can utilize the game mechanics to our advantage.

Regardless of the type of player you are, now you will have a new opportunity to add some top-calibre players to your lineup as the Triple Threat rewards have been updated.

How to get PD Anthony Davis or PD Vince Carter for free

NBA 2K22 Flash II Anthony Davis
The Lakers’ superstar will be featured in the top tier rewards in Triple Threat Online: The 100. (Picture: 2K Sports)

As you may already know, the Triple Threat game mode is one of the fan favourites because it accelerates an already quick-paced game with some 3-on-3 matchups of 21.

The only difference between the offline and online versions, besides the AI, is that mechanics as the offline offers you rewards after each win plus an opportunity to open The Vault and online offers you a drop ball mini-game after each victory with better prizes after accumulated games.

Right there is where we can obtain the better rewards which have just been updated where you can get a Pink Diamond 95 OVR Vince Carter (Dunktober) in The Vault and a Pink Diamond 95 OVR Anthony Davis (Flash) in The 100 tier 3 rewards.

NBA 2K22 MyTeam Triple Threat The 100
For Season 2 wins won’t decrease your point count which will facilitate reaching the upper reward tiers. (Picture: 2K Sports)

Of course, it seems like it is very hard to get to that top tier rewards in Triple Threat online but remember that Season 2 updated the mode to only subtracting the score from your counter if you lose the match.

This greatly helps players to reach those top tiers as a winning streak won’t reduce your points in the game mode.

For the offline version, you will need help from the algorithm deities as there is no exact formula to even open The Vault let alone securing you will get the mode’s Grand Prize.


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Feature image courtesy of 2K Sports.