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NBA 2K22 celebrates Christmas with 'Tis the Season packs and bundles: New GO items, auctions listings, more.

Santa Claus seems to have swept both The City and Cancha del Mar as the arrival of the ‘Tis the Season packs and bundles are a great present for hoopers all over the globe.
NBA 2K22 celebrates Christmas with 'Tis the Season packs and bundles: New GO items, auctions listings, more.

All of the extra time we have been able to spend levelling up in MyTeam and MyCareer game modes within NBA 2K22 makes us want to stay on vacation forever as progress and rewards are coming in daily.

Plenty of Christmas themed surprises, events, apparel and even Locker Codes have flooded b-ball players the last couple of weeks and squads and builds are starting to get bigger, faster and better.

This trend does not seem to be stopping anytime soon as we have received news that MyTeam is now welcoming the first couple of Galaxy Opal players available within packs with the arrival of the ‘Tis the Season program.

The first Galaxy Opal players in packs are now live in NBA 2K22 with the ‘Tis the Season release

NBA 2K22 ‘Tis the Season Pack Market
You will only have a week to snatch some ‘Tis the Season packs and bundles so be quick to grab some while the holidays are on. (Picture: 2K Sports)

The first thing you should do is go to the pack market and buy some packs or bundles of the ‘Tis the Season special edition program, where each pack contains five items, with a guaranteed pull from the Christmas editions items and even a chance to get an NBA75 vintage card.

You can buy each pack individually for 11,250 VC or 15,750 MT or you can buy a 10-pack or 20-pack for 99,000 VC or 198,000 VC, which will represent a 12% savings against individual purchases, the biggest of the year so far.

Here we give you a list of all of the exclusive players available within the ‘Tis the Season packs and bundles:

  • GO 97 OVR Stephen Curry - Golden State Warriors
  • GO 97 OVR Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers
  • PD 96 OVR Kawhi Leonard - San Antonio Spurs
  • PD 95 OVR Blake Griffin - Los Angeles Clippers
  • PD 95 OVR Rudy Gay - Memphis Grizzlies
  • Diamond 94 OVR Scottie Pippen - Chicago Bulls
  • Diamond 94 OVR Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls
  • Diamond 93 OVR David West - New Orleans Pelicans
  • Amethyst 91 OVR Evan Mobley - Cleveland Cavaliers
  • Amethyst 91 OVR Rex Chapman - Charlotte Hornets
  • Amethyst 90 OVR Vince Carter - Toronto Raptors
  • Ruby 89 OVR Rudy Fernandez - Portland Trail Blazers
  • Ruby 89 OVR Mohamed Bamba - Orlando Magic
  • Ruby 88 OVR Brent Barry - San Antonio Spurs

You will need at least half a million coins for the auction house to get a Galaxy Opal item

NBA 2K22 ‘Tis the Season Auction Listings
The least you will be spending this holiday season for a Galaxy Opal item is 500,000 MT coins. (Picture: 2K Sports)

The arrival of more Galaxy Opal players throughout the season was expected as the tier made its debut as soon as Season 3: Iced Out arrived with Allen Iverson being the LVL 40 reward of the seasonal game mode.

If you want to recruit a player of the tier you better have a pact with the algorithm deities or have a boatload of MT coins as both ways to get a GO item are plenty difficult.

If you want to try your luck within the MyTeam auction house you better have at least half a million MT coins in your account as some items are even reaching the millionth mark.

In the meantime, make sure to give a look at our dedicated section as we will bring you everything you need to know about every NBA 2K release, news, MyTeam tips and more.

Featured image courtesy of 2K Sports.