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Rainbow Six Quarantine hasn't been renamed Rainbow Six Parasite

The Rainbow Six Siege spin-off has seemingly been renamed due to the pandemic, with an official announcement likely on the near horizon.
Rainbow Six Quarantine hasn't been renamed Rainbow Six Parasite
Update: Ubisoft has since clarified to Eurogamer the name is an internal test build - and isn’t the final name for Rainbow Six Quarantine. 

More details about the final name are expected to arrive soon. 


Original story: 

Rainbow Six Quarantine appears to have been renamed Rainbow Six Parasite, according to a leak via the PlayStation Network. 

As reported by MP1ST.com, an “initial launch patch” file for Rainbow Six Parasite was reportedly uploaded to the network, indicating this is the expected rebrand for the previously announced Rainbow Six Quarantine. 

Within these files were images for the PS4 dashboard and save data icons, showing the new name in all its glory. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine was delayed in October last year due to COVID-19 pandemic, with the game currently having no official release date - although these icons indicate that could be about to change relatively soon. 

This name change wouldn’t be out of nowhere either. Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, recently indicated Rainbow Six Quarantine might be getting a new name - without committing to the idea that it was definitely on the cards. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine, when initially revealed in 2019, appeared to take inspiration from Rainbow Six Siege’s timed event Outbreak. The game is a 3-player squad-based survival FPS where you go up against infected, giving a horror spin to Siege’s gameplay. 

Rainbow Six Quarantine (or Parasite) is scheduled to release on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC.