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Solution how to fix field of view (FOV) in Resident Evil 8 Village

Can you change field-of-view settings for Resident Evil 8 Village? Find out how to fix FOV issues in Resident Evil 8.
Solution how to fix field of view (FOV) in Resident Evil 8 Village

The PC version of Resident Evil Village comes with a slew of graphics options to choose from, but one crucial thing is missing - the FOV slider.

One thing that PC players are certainly proud of is their ability to bring the maximum out of their games.

No matter what kind of a PC you have, you can always find just the right settings for your game to works perfectly, both in terms of performance and in terms of the quality of the graphics.

But there's one thing those same PC players absolutely don't like: when you take away options from them, especially when it comes to video settings.

How to fix FOV in Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution for motion sickness
(Picture: Capcom)

Unfortunately, Resident Evil 8 Village doesn't have an option to change the game’s field-of-view, which is really strange, especially considering that Resident Evil 7, which is also a first-person game, did feature an option to change your FOV.

The FOV in RE8 is hard-locked to around 81, and a number of players, including many streamers, are reporting that that causes serious motion sickness to them.

But can FOV in RE8 be fixed?

How to fix FOV in Resident Evil 8 Village: Solution for motion sickness

How to fix FOV in Resident Evil 8 Village Solution for motion sickness
(Picture: Capcom/Maceyaface)

Fortunately, modders were quick to fix the issue of lacking field-of-view settings in Resident Evil 8 Village.

The mod is called Lazy FOV and Vignette Fix, and it has been created by a few renewed Resident Evil modders, including Maceyaface and Resident Evil Mod Manager creator Fluffyquack.

With this mod, you will be able to set your FOV to a standard 90 degree, or even more! Just be careful, as the game wasn't designed for a field-of-view that wide and the image might become rather strange-looking if you overdo it.

Here are all the details about the mod.


  • FoV sliders that update the in-game FoV in real-time
  • Separate FoV sliders for base FoV and zoom FoV
  • Vignette sliders that update the in-game vignette in real-time
  • Update agnostic
  • Remembers last set FoV and vignette, and auto-sets


  • Demo | Tested and working
  • Release | Tested and working

Known issues/future work:

  • There's a white point in front of Ethan's hands when his flashlight is on - This is a CAPCOM issue. The standard, locked FoV would hide the point light that makes the flashlight, by virtue of being off screen, at an FoV of 81 and lower.
  • Annoying to need to open a second program - Making hex patcher and proxy DLL soon.
  • iM aN iDiOt AnD dOnT rEaD iNsTrUcTiOnS - Read them.
  • Cutscenes are zoomed out! - Not much can be done here. The game's cut-scenes are in-engine, and everything shares a single FoV. Just don't set a mental FoV.
  • The screen seems darker - Override the vignette.

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