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Frequently asked Questions

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on the following topics are available. If you have a question about GINX Esports TV not covered below, please Contact Us.


What payment methods do you accept?

we accept visa, mastercard and american express, via stripe or alternatively you can checkout with paypal who also accept discover or linked bank account

Are my payments protected?

all your personal information is handled over secure connections. our payment gateway also complies with the payment card industry data security standard (pci dss).

My payment has failed. What should I do?

if you are already subscribed and a payment has failed, please log in to your account, navigate to the account page and select the update payment information under the ‘my memberships’ section.
this will take you to the page where you can re-enter your payment details. if you are a newly subscribing customer and your payment has failed, please check your bank account or paypal account to make sure no charge has been incurred.
lease then attempt the checkout process again with a different card. please see above for the card types we accept. if you are still having issues, please send an email over to [email protected] or raise a ticket with us and we will do our best to help.


What are the subscription levels?

ginx currently offer 3 levels of subscription: monthly ($4.99/month), quarterly ($24.95/quarter) or annually ($39.99/year). if you are new to ginx and want to explore our shows without hindrance, then we recommend that you start off with the monthly option. it is easy to change up to the quarterly or annually options, or if you decide it isn’t for you cancel the subscription in a few easy clicks. if you do cancel your subscription before the end date of the period you have paid for, you will still be able to access our service for that time, but will not be refunded for the remaining period you are subscribed for. we do not have cancellation fees.

How do I subscribe?

first you must create an account with us. you may choose to register with either your facebook or google social account or using an email address. once complete you will be taken to our subscription level page where if you wish to you can choose monthly, quarterly, or annual subscription and checkout. if you aren’t sure yet you can continue on for free and browse our shows for a 7 day free trial. after 7 days you will be required to subscribe to continue watching all shows and our live channel.

Why did my subscription end?

after 3 failed billing attempts on a subscription your subscription will end and you will have to checkout again to update your payment details. you will be notified by email if a subscription payment fails. your account will not be affected, nor will any data be lost. if you are having payment difficulties, please contact our customer support or email us at [email protected].

How do I cancel my subscription?

navigate to your account page. under your membership level there will be a link to cancel your subscription. follow this link to cancel. alternatively, if logged in, click here.


Where can I find the terms of service and privacy policy?

you can find our privacy policy here and our terms of service here.

How can I contact GINX Esports TV?

for issues with service you can visit our customer support section of our website or call us on. for feedback, comments, or complaints you can email us at [email protected]

I have forgotten my password. How do I retrieve it?

head over to our login page and click the ‘forgotten’ password link and follow the steps to retrieving it. if you are still having issues please contact our customer support at [email protected]

How do I change my password?

if you are logged in you can navigate to your profile and at the bottom of the form there is an option to update your password.

I cannot login?

this can happen if someone at your ip address has tried to login with the wrong details to many times and has been blocked. please wait 30mins before trying to login. if you are still having trouble please contact us at [email protected].

My issues is not covered here. How can I get additional support?

of course! you can head over to our support page to raise a ticket or email us [email protected].


How do I create an account?

o begin the registration process, simply click here. when you first create an account, you will begin a seven day free trial of ginx allowing access to our live channel via the web player. after seven days, you will be automatically downgraded to a free account. to continue web player access beyond this point, you will have to subscribe.

Can I rewind, pause and fast forward through videos and the live channel?

missed the first few minutes of a show on the live feed and don’t want to wait for it on demand? no problem, ginx everywhere comes with dvr on our channel feed. how much you can rewind fluctuates depending on traffic, but normally it is at least several hours. you can also pause, rewind, and fast forward through on demand content.

What devices can I watch GINX on?

you can watch ginx esports tv everywhere on desktop, mobile and tablet or anything with a web browser. simply log in if you are a subscriber and browse to our live channel feed.

Can I log in on multiple devices?

currently you can watch from as many devices as you like, but you can only be logged into your account once at any one time

What are the system requirements for GINX Everywhere?

to watch ginx everywhere videos you will need a recent browser on an internet-connected mac, pc, tablet or smart phone. please note that you are responsible for any costs that your operator may charge you for data usage. viewing the ginx everywhere service via a mobile network may be less reliable than via a broadband internet connection and may incur in higher charges from your mobile network service provider.

What kind of internet connection is required to watch GINX Everywhere?

to watch content in 1080p we recommend a connection speed of at least 5 mbit/sec. please consider that actual connection speeds may be lower than the value advertised by your service provider. if there is traffic on your connection the bandwidth available for ginx may be lower than the actual connection speed. if you have a connection slower than 2mbit/sec you may see a lower quality version of the video.

What quality can I stream in?

our video can be streamed in 1080p depending on your internet connection. our web player uses adaptive bitrate playout to optimise playback to your internet connection. we recommend a internet speed of 5mbps or above to watch in optimum quality at all times. with a slower connection you can watch at a lower quality.


What is GINX Esports TV?

ginx esports tv is a uk-based international media company, dedicated to the creation of video gaming and esports tv channels around the world, as well as individual shows and formats for syndication aimed at people who love to play video games.

What can I watch on GINX.TV?

you can watch all of our shows in hd and additional content exclusive to ginx.tv. from comedy talking heads, to game reviews and live events.

Do I need to register to watch GINX.TV?

all free content is available without registering. in order to watch any elite content you will need to register in order to earn g's (which you can use to unlock content) or subscribe which gives you access to all content ad-free.

Will content be subtitled or dubbed?

our content is dubbed and subtitled on our tv broadcasts in a number of countries. however, we do not currently offer subtitles or dubbing on our ginx.tvservice.

Does this website use cookies?

yes, we use cookies in order to give you the best experience possible. details are contained within our privacy policy.