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Teamfight Tactics 11.10 early patch notes: Champion and traits changes, more

Teamfight Tactics 11.10 update is coming to Set 5, with lots of buffs, nerfs and other changes.
Teamfight Tactics 11.10 early patch notes: Champion and traits changes, more

Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Patch 11.10 is currently on PBE and the first details are slowly emerging.

The update brings some fixes to many champions who have been slightly dominant since the launch of the set, one of the best received by the community of this auto battler.

As for the first changes found, many utility units like Darius will receive nerfs to tone down their power and damage in the mid and late game, although a few like Karma have been skipped over. Aphelios will also be subject to a big nerf on his offensive stats after his one-shot capabilities went to an extreme.

Moving onto the metagame changes, most of the current comps have depended on four-gold and five-gold cost champions, so it’s expected most of the three-gold cost will be buffed to counter this, as well as some units which haven’t seen much activity in the new set.

TFT 11.10 early notes: Champion & traits changes

Teamfight Tactics 11.10 early patch notes(Picture: Riot Games)

Tier 1 Champions

  • Warwick: Ability damage increased from 200/300/400 to 200/300/450

  • Leona: Ability damage reduction lowered from 40/80/400 to 30/60/400

  • Udyr: Percent AD increased from 110/120/160% to 130/140/200%

  • Aatrox: Percent AD increased from 220/240/280% to 250/275/350%

Tier 2 Champions

  • Kennen: Stun duration lowered from 1.5/2/3s to 1.5/2/2.5

  • Viktor: Damage increased from 300/500/750 to 300/500/850, and shield increased from 150/225/375 to 150/225/425

Tier 3 Champions

  • Riven: Bonus AD increased from 80/90/100% to 90/100/120%

  • Katarina: Ability damage increased from 200/250/400 to 200/250/500, and secondary damage increased from 100/125/200 to 100/125/250

  • Yasuo: Damage increased from 300/400/600 to 300/400/700, and bonus true damage increased from 30/40/60 to 30/40/70

  • Nidalee: Ability damage increased from 100/150/300 to 100/150/350

Teamfight Tactics 11.10 early patch notes(Picture: Riot Games)


Tier 4 Champions

  • Aphelios: Ability AD% lowered from 140/160/200% to 140/150/180%

  • Rell: Stun duration lowered from 2/2.5/8 to 1.5/2/8

  • Ivern: Daisy health increased from 1500/2500/10000 to 2000/3000/1000, and the secondary ability power bonus increased from 50/75/300 to 100/150/300

Tier 5 Champions

  • Heimerdinger: Ability damage lowered from 400/600/7777 to 400/550/7777

  • Darius: Number of wolves lowered from 3/4/10 to 3/3/10

  • Teemo: Infernal souls increased from 4/6/42 to 5/6/42

Teamfight Tactics 11.10 early patch notes(Picture: Riot Games)

At the moment, no major changes have been announced to the traits introduced in Set 5, however, you can expect an evolution in the current meta with all the tentative changes released.

As always, remember some of the changes can remain in the PBE realm as these are tentative, however, you can already get a first view of how these will affect the game once they become available.

The TFT Patch 11.10 is expected to come to the live servers on 12th May, while you can also check some changes prepared for League of Legends in our early patch notes.