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Teamfight Tactics 11.14 patch notes: Champion changes, trait updates, and more

The final TFT patch before the Dawn of Heroes expansion is coming along the way.
Teamfight Tactics 11.14 patch notes: Champion changes, trait updates, and more

As Riot Games announced the next expansion for Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning a few days ago, with a Dawn of Heroes coming along with the Sentinels of Light global event, the final update before its release has been fully announced by its design lead, Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer, during one of his latest Twitch streams.

The patch 11.14 will be way lighter than those before, as it will be focused on balancing the metagame around the most powerful traits due to the current TFT Reckoning Worlds qualifiers, while giving the chance for some units to shine before the mid-set update.

Let’s take a look at these tweaks prepared for the next patch.

TFT 11.14 patch notes: Champion changes

Teamfight Tactics 11.14 patch Volibear
(Picture: Riot Games)

Starting with the buffs, both Sett and Volibear will receive a needed boost to their damage, with the first one also getting an increase in his HP, and the latter having a bigger stun in his Doombringer.

The most significant nerfs of this patch will be handed to Gragas, getting a reduction on the damage of his Drunken Rage, and Garen, whose God-Lion’s Justice shield will be decreased both in power and duration.

Tier 1 champions

  • Gragas: Drunken Rage damage reduced to 35/45/60%

Tier 2 champions

  • Brand: HP increased to 600
  • Sett: HP increased to 750, and Haymaker AD scaling increased to 170/185/20%
Teamfight Tactics 11.14 patch Gragas
(Picture: Riot Games)

Tier 3 champions

  • Nocturne: HP increased to 650
  • Yasuo: Burning Blade damage nerfed at three-star, and on-hit damage reduced to 25/35/65

Tier 4 champions

  • Ivern: HP nerfed to 950, and Daisy’s HP reduced to 1500/2400/10000
  • Rell: Maximum mana nerfed to 80/150

Tier 5 champions

  • Garen: God-Lion’s Justice shield reduced from 40/50/200 to 35/45/200 percent, and duration reduced to four seconds
  • Volibear: Doombringer damage buffed to 150/300/5000
  • Darius: God-Wolf’s Carnage AD scaling increased from 180/220/2000 to 200/225/2000
  • Viego: Sovereign’s Domination damage per second nerfed to 180/300/1500
Teamfight Tactics 11.14 patch Garen
(Picture: Riot Games)

TFT 11.14 patch notes: Trait updates

The only traits changed in this patch will be the Legionnaires, Skirmishers and Spellweaver, with every of them getting lots of boost for their offensive potential, after being seriously nerfed during the first patches of the Reckoning set.

  • Legionnaire: Attack speed increased from 25/60/110/195 to 25/65/120/200 percent
  • Skirmisher: Attack damage per second increased from 3/6/10 to 3/6/12
  • Spellweaver: Base ability power buffed from 20/50/80 to 25/55/90

These are all changes revealed at the moment, and more updates will be added or removed as we get closer to the patch’s release.

11.14 patch will arrive to the main servers on 8th July, 2021, one day after the normal schedule due to holiday.

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