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TFT Skyglass Origins event: Schedule, format, rewards, and more

Prepare yourself to face the Black Mist and banish the Chaos Pengu once and for all, helping rebuild the Skyglass in this new TFT event.
TFT Skyglass Origins event: Schedule, format, rewards, and more

The start of the TFT Reckoning set brought a dark and mystic universe throughout the Convergence, as the Black Mist made its arrival along with the debut of the Chaos Pengu and his minions into the world.

Letting a lot of destruction, and a very sad Pengu as one of his friends was corrupted by his Chaos counterpart, it will be a task for us to battle against the Black Mist and restore the peace in the Convergence, in the new TFT event Skyglass Origins.

TFT Skyglass Origins: Schedule and Format

According to the lore, The Skyglass is a powerful relic contained in the Sacred Keep which contains hidden knowledge necessary to bring order back to the world. As it was shattered by the corruption of the Mist, you along with Pengu and the forces of Order will have to rebuild it, to find a way to banish Chaos Pengu once and for all.

Starting on 8th June at 8 am PDT, and for an entire month, you will be able to complete a total of 15 special missions which can be completed by playing any game of Teamfight Tactics, no matter if it’s a Normal, Ranked, or Hyperroll match.

TFT Skyglass Origins: Rewards

With each mission you complete, you will unlock a piece of the Skyglass, allowing you to learn more about one origin from the world of Reckoning. All these missions will be unlocked sequentially and will also give a specific reward.

And while the missions and their rewards haven’t been revealed yet, the first missions will provide 10 Star Shards each, while the last three will give you a Magical Misfits Little Legends egg and two unique emotes based on the two Pengus from this set.


Thankfully, the Skyglass Origins event will be available for free, so everyone can get the chance to get its rewards while helping Pengu restore the Skyglass and banish the Black Mist forever.


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