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QTCinderella surprised by how nice xQc is in real-life

QTCinderella was surprised to find out how nice Twitch's most toxic streamer, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, really was after Shitcamp.
QTCinderella was shocked to learn how sweet Twitch's most profane streamer, Felix "xQc" Lengyel, really was during the Twitch Shitcamp activities that took place last week. This came as a massive surprise to QT, given how toxic xQc is known to get in some of his games.

For example, earlier this year xQc embraced the trash-talking traditions of Call of Duty by flaming allied and enemy players after dying in an S&D match in Black Ops Cold War. He was also banned several times from the Grand Theft Auto roleplay server, NoPixel, for similar behaviours.

Beyond this, xQc is also known to be abrasively honest in sharing his opinions, particularly regarding seemingly controversial matters, such as the hotly debated Twitch gambling drama that landed him in hot water in the past. QTCinderella was, therefore, shocked when she learned how insanely sweet, funny and thoughtful the Twitch star really was.

QTCinderella surprised by how nice xQc is in real life

During her live stream on 4th October, QTCinderella said: "xQc is so great at working hard on other people's streams too. He doesn't just turn it on for his stream. Like holy f***ing -- what a sweet, sweet person. And every single thing I did, he would say thank you for setting that up."

QTCinderella surprised by how nice xQc is in real-life. (Picture: YouTube / QTCinderella)
QTCinderella surprised by how nice xQc is in real life. (Picture: YouTube / QTCinderella)

QTCinderella continued by saying that she was genuinely blown away by how thoughtful he was. She explained that she didn't get much time to spend with xQc before last week, but that he was "insanely sweet" and "very thoughtful."

"He was insanely sweet, he thanked me for everything and before we left he was even like 'thank you so much, you're really good at this,' he was very thoughtful and I had no clue," she said.

QT was also blown away by how funny xQc was and understood why the Twitch star had so many viewers on the streaming platform.

Naturally, xQc fans (or 'juicers') were less perplexed by what QTCinderella had to say since xQc's following is arguably based on his genuine nature and unscripted humour. Also, xQc is French-Canadian, so there's that to consider as well.

"As a juicer who's watched X through the good and mald, it's so sweet to hear others talk about him being this awesome to people IRL," a Reddit user said.

QTCinderella praises xQc for being sweet and thoughtful at Twitch Shitcamp. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)
QTCinderella praises xQc for being sweet and thoughtful at Twitch Shitcamp. (Picture: Twitch / xQcOW)

Another Redditor said: "As a diehard X fan, I'm really glad that people see his good side more. I feel like if you don't watch X at all sometimes you only get to see the negative stuff, which there is a good amount of because at the end of the day he is human, but he's a great guy overall."

As a juicer myself, I certainly agree, which is why I strongly feel that xQc's positive attributes demand equal recognition. It's really awesome to hear QT's positive experience with xQc last week and I'm sure that there are many other streamers that feel the same way.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / QTCinderella & Twitter / xQc.