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Streamer LivStixs accuses Twitch of favouritism after indefinite ban for "inappropriate attire"

LivStixs accuses Twitch of being partial as she gets an indefinite ban for inappropriate attire while Amouranth gets unbanned for the fifth time.
LivStixs, a popular Twitch streamer, got banned for the third time on 14th October for wearing inappropriate attire; however, she revealed that this time it's an indefinite one. In response, she expressed her anger on Twitter, saying she was wearing shorts and a shirt and asking in what sense it was an inappropriate thing to wear.

She posted her pics along with the tweet questioning about Amouranth getting her 5th ban of mere three days. 

 Tagging Twitch and Twitch Support's official Twitter handle, Liv, tweeted, "Here's my "inappropriate attire" that warranted an indefinite ban. What do you guys think?" 

In addition to this, when a fan replied to her tweet saying her outfit is nothing compared to Amouranth, she replied, "And yet I only had two previous 24-hour suspensions, and now they hit me with an indefinite ban. Meanwhile, Amouranth gets unmanned after her 5th and Indie got indefinite after her 5th. The inconsistencies show favouritism, and it's pretty fucked."

LivStixs is not the only one who had this issue with Twitch; on October 13, FaZe Kalei was banned for sexually suggestive content as she responded "ARE YOU GUYS SMOKING CRACK??????????? ALL I WEAR IS OVERSIZED HOODIES AND SHIRTS. THE ONLY TIME I DONT IS BECAUSE I GOT A TATTOO ON MY COLLARBONE AND THATS SOMEHOW SEXUAL????? ARE YOU GUYS HIGH??????"

Streamer LivStixs accuses Twitch of favouritism after indefinite ban for "inappropriate attire"
FaZe Kalei got banned for three days for sexually suggestive content. (Picture: Kalei)

Twitch did not respond to any of these tweets, and we highly doubt they would. So, we can only wait to see if LivStixs will be back on Twitch or not.


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Featured image courtesy of LivStixs.