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Twitch Follower Emotes are now available worldwide

Twitch Partners and Affiliates can now enjoy a new tier of emotes exclusive for followers and viewers of their channel.
Twitch Follower Emotes are now available worldwide

As of 12th January, Twitch partners and affiliates will enjoy more benefits, as the Amazon-owned streaming platform has finally launched the Follower Emotes worldwide. Moreover, Animated Emotes are expected to arrive by the end of January 2022.

Some content creators were already able to enjoy these during the beta test of Twitch's tenth-anniversary celebrations; however, now both established and upcoming streamers can utilise the Follower Emotes feature in an attempt to attract new viewers to their channels.

Twitch launches Follower Emotes to Partners and Affiliates

According to an official statement in June 2021, Twitch said, "Creators have long asked for better ways to attract and welcome new viewers to their channel. This new tier of channel emotes lets creators grow their communities by offering viewers a fun, free benefit to hitting the 'Follow' button."

Twitch Follower Emotes
Partners and Affiliates can upload up to five Follower Emotes. (Picture: Twitch)

Twitch Partners and Affiliates can currently enable up to five different emotes without any limitation, as long as these comply with the Twitch terms of service.

Unlike Subscriber and global emotes, however, Twitch users can only use Follower Emotes on the channel through which the emotes were unlocked.

In addition, content creators seeking to be eligible to use these new emotes must meet special requirements.

Twitch Follower Emote eligibility requirements

  • All partners must have been Partnered for at least 60 days and have passed 60 days since their last suspension or temporary ban.
  • All affiliates must have streamed for a total of 60 days within the last two years (without counting time before being an Affiliate) and also have passed 60 days since their previous suspension or temporary ban.

In case of losing eligibility, streamers will still be able to edit or delete those emotes added before this, but they will not have the ability to add new ones.

Twitch Follower Emotes
Follower Emotes will work differently from the current Subscriber Emotes. (Picture: Twitch)

"Follower emotes should give streamers another way to make viewers feel as though they're part of a community, even if they're unable to subscribe," Twitch added.

Likewise, those Affiliates will be somewhat pleased to know they will have access to animated emotes later this month, a feature currently available exclusively to Partners.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch.