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Yogscast's streamer SquidGame banned on Instagram after false reports from fans of hit Netflix series

Instagram says they are reviewing SquidGame's request to revoke the ban.
Twitch stream SquidGame has been left without her Instagram account due to fans of the popular Netflix series of the same name mass reporting the page, the streamer confirmed.

Lydia, which is SquidGame's real name, is a partnered variety Twitch streamer and has been a member of The Yogscast crew since 2018.

She has been known online as SquidGame/SquidGaming for years before the popular show was created and thus her account name isn't making any copyright infringements, but Instagram nonetheless decided to ban her from the platform.

Streamer SquidGame banned from Instagram over false reports 

Streamer SquidGame banned from Instagram over false reports 
Lydia has been using the name Squid Game/Squid Gaming years before the show. (Picture: SquidGame)

On Friday, 8th September, Lydia confirmed on Twitter that her SquidGame Instagram account was banned.

"I think so many people have been trying to log into my account or reporting it (squidgame) that Instagram have banned me," she wrote.

Lydia added that she has already filed a complaint to Instagram over the ban, and they said that they will need at least 24 hours before they get back to her to confirm if she will get her account back.

At the time of writing, her account is still banned from Instagram, and some of her friends and fans are afraid that Netflix and the show's marketing team might actually try to seize the opportunity and grab her Instagram handle while they have a chance.

Others suggest that she should sue them for the damage or at least consult The Yogscast's legal team to see what steps she should take in this situation.

Yogscast's streamer SquidGame gets banned on Instagram after false reports from fans of hit Netflix series
A small portion of messages she is getting every day. (Picture: SquidGame)

When the show started airing in September and became immensely popular, people started tagging her on all show-related images and comments on her photos suddenly became full of strangers commenting on the show and requesting her to hand over her Instagram username.

While free publicity definitely can be a good thing, overly zealous fans can often become a nightmare and unwanted attention can quickly turn into open harassment which Lydia definitely didn't deserve.

Hopefully, her Instagram problem will be resolved in a timely manner and in her favour, and the situation with the show will eventually bring her more positive than negative effects.


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Featured image courtesy of Twitch / CDawgVA.