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300,000 Nintendo Network ID accounts have been compromised

Nintendo has confirmed another 140,000 NNID's have been compromised since April, amount to 300,000 in total.
300,000 Nintendo Network ID accounts have been compromised

Back in April, Nintendo revealed 160,000 Nintendo Network ID (NIDD) accounts were accessed without authorization from users. This number has nearly doubled, as Nintendo has confirmed a total of 140,000 new cases.


Nintendo Network ID accounts

In a statement by Nintendo Japan, they have found another 140,000 were accessed without authorization from the user, thanks to continued investigations. This brings the number of affected accounts to 300,000.

Nintendo has assured users less than 1% of NNIDs have been illegally logged into. They are currently in the process of refunding users who have experienced unauthorized purchases made.

The purchases in question have been made using linked Paypal or Bank accounts. Thankfully, credit card information is not part of the user details which was compromised.

Nintendo explains in a statement: “We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused and concern to our customers and related parties. In the future, we will strive to further strengthen security and ensure safety so that similar events do not occur.”

Compromised information includes the date of birth, country, region, email address, nickname, and real name of the users. 


Nintendo Network ID data breach NNID
The Nintendo Network (Picture: Nintendo)


For those who want an extra layer of security, you should definitely enable two-step verification. This should, for the most part, keep you safe against any type of unauthorized access.

You can find out exactly how to enable two-step verification on your NNID as per Nintendo's instructions

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