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How to get Sonic Mania for free

Epic is celebrating Sonic 30th's Anniversary by giving away one of the best games in the entire franchise. Here's how to get it.
How to get Sonic Mania for free

Sonic just turned 30-years-old this June but the blue hedgehog hasn't shown signs of stopping being relevant anytime soon, as Sega has announced a plethora of content involving their mascot, including a brand-new title coming next year.

On top of this and coming out of the back of an incredible musical performance celebrating Sonic's tunes throughout the years, the Epic Games store announced fans can get their hands on Sonic Mania, with the promo ending on 1st July.

So, want to get your hands on this amazing game for free? Keep on reading down below.

How to get Sonic Mania for free on the Epic Games Store

Sonic Mania for free
(Picture: SEGA)
  • Open the Epic Games Store website.
  • Log in to your Epic Games account.
  • If you don't already have it, create an Epic Games account.
  • Once your account is set and activated, go to the Sonic Mania page on the Epic Games Store.
  • Click the "Get" button and proceed with the "payment".
  • You will technically need to buy the game (for $0), but at no cost and you don't need to enter credit card information.
  • Proceed with the purchase, and soon you will get a confirmation that everything is completed.
  • And that's it, now you own the game.

Now all you need to do is to install the game.

  • To play the game, you will need to install Epic Games Launcher.
  • Once that's done, open the launcher, log in with your account and find the game in your Library.
  • Click install and wait for the game to finish the installation.
  • After the installation is finished, just click play and enjoy!