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How to solve the hospital X-ray puzzle in Little Nightmares 2

Having trouble with Little Nightmares 2? Here’s how you can get passed one of the trickier puzzles in the game’s hospital section.
How to solve the hospital X-ray puzzle in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is a horror puzzle platformer which combines frights with thought-provoking mystery, all while throwing some trial and error traps in your face.

Between death and chase sequences, there are numerous challenging puzzles too - which require you to pay close attention to the environment around you.

One of these is tucked away within the game’s third chapter, set within a hospital, so here’s how to get passed one of the trickier puzzles in Little Nightmares 2

How to solve the X-ray teddy bear puzzle in Little Nightmares 2

Beware the bear (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

Near the beginning of the third chapter, after encountering the trippy TV sequence, you’ll awaken in a fairly open space with an out of service elevator - which requires two batteries to open.

The only corridor open to you, on the ground level, features a room with an X-ray machine and a child’s playroom. There’s also an elevator which goes down to a furnace below.

To solve the puzzle, you’ll want to observe the X-rays on the wall - which shows a key hidden inside a teddy bear. If you pick up the teddy bear on the far right in the nursery room and place it in front of the X-ray machine, you should see a key inside its belly.

Take the teddy bear to the elevator which heads down to the furnace room. Once at the bottom, place it in the furnace and pull the lever. After it’s cooked, you should find a key left in the furnace, which will grant you access to the room upstairs.

If you stand with Six and hold hands in front of the X-ray machine while it’s on, you’ll also unlock an achievement/trophy. There’s another trophy too for burning Six’s toy in the furnace, which he usually picks up as you pick up the teddy bear.

By completing the unlocked area, you’ll find a battery to open the area on the opposite side of the elevator. Complete the section there, and you’ll have two batteries so you can open the main elevator and proceed beyond this area. 

Little Nightmares 2 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.