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How to solve the TV elevator puzzle in Little Nightmares 2

Some of the trickiest puzzles in Little Nightmares 2 take place in the fourth chapter, so here’s how to overcome the elevator problem.
How to solve the TV elevator puzzle in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 has numerous sequences involving unlocking or navigating across elevators, although the most memorable might be in chapter four.

This chapter is revolved around teleporting through TVs with a remote, guiding terrifying residents obsessed with screens to their next fix so they avoid sucking your face.

At one point, you’ll be faced with a puzzle which isn’t so clear in its direction. So here’s how to solve and move past the elevator area. 


How to solve the TV elevator puzzle in Little Nightmares 2 chapter 4

You should probably stop watching TV (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

In a section during chapter four, you’ll be faced with a TV you can switch on and a garbage chute, with a missing elevator with a broken switch in the middle.

Jump down the garbage chute (jumping on the boxes to push them down), and you’ll find yourself in a room with the elevator. Move the box underneath the switch to open the elevator door, allowing yourself to squeeze through. 

Pull the lever inside the elevator to head back up to the top floor. You’ll notice on the way up a middle floor which it moves past. To access this area, you’ll need to do some TV teleport magic.

When the elevator is at the top, pull the lever to send it back down. Making sure both TV’s are switched on, quickly jump into the screen so you’re outside the elevator on the top floor. As it heads down, jump on top of the elevator and you’ll be able to quickly jump into the middle floor as it passes through.

You’ll now be able to progress to the next area in chapter four of Little Nightmares 2. 

Little Nightmares 2 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, PC and Nintendo Switch.