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IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre, a new RTS Kickstarter project has raised over $60,000 in one day

Learn all about this project which promises to combine elements of real-time strategy with epic battles.
IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre, a new RTS Kickstarter project has raised over $60,000 in one day

Within the gaming industry, there have been countless projects supported through crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter, although many don't go on to be a success, some stand out purely because of money raised during their funding campaigns.

One such project that has managed to blow past their initial goal is SunSpear Games' new real-time strategy game, IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre, which in one day raised £52,000. Over double what they were looking for.

IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre - backstory

IMMORTAL gates of pyre kickstarter
(Picture: SunSpear Games)

This new project is being developed by a small team led by Colter Hochstetler, Dylan Kahn, and Travis Toler, who have experience in video game development creating mods for games like Morrowind.

As for the game, IMMORTAL: Gates of Pyre is a strategy game in which players must lead their nation of choice as an Immortal, a god-like commander capable of wielding the devastating energies of the God Star Pyre.

During each game, players must build their bases, raise their armies, and wage war through strategy, tactics, and fine unit control. All this when facing large armies across three worlds for control of ancient relics and powerful magics.

Gameplay details

The title will feature five different factions, of which some details regarding their development have been revealed.

Immortal Gates of Pyre factions
(Picture: SunSpear Games)

Each faction employs a unique set of compositions, strategies, and tactics, with over a dozen units, and a wide variety of structures and technologies.

Once you select your faction, you will choose from that faction's Immortals, with three available per nation for a total of 15 Immortals within the game.

With the Immortal, players can lead their nation as a living, breathing god, making their will manifest on the battlefield with powerful spells cast from on high, and commanding elite Vanguard units unique to the Immortal.

Immortal RTS
(Picture: SunSpear Games)

So far, only five Immortals have been revealed, with two of them being fully featured in terms of their visuals and abilities.

During the game there will also be different types of resources that will allow you to expand the power of your Immortal and the capacity and resources of your nation and army, allowing you to have more even combat at later points in the game.

Immortal strategy game
(Picture: SunSpear Games)

Game modes

The game will be suitable for both casual and competitive solo play, as well as co-operative mode. Playing more will let you collect equipment for your units and Immortals.

In competitive modes, this equipment lets you customize its appearance. In co-operative modes, this equipment gives gameplay boosts, empowering you to take on higher difficulty levels and earning better rewards.

Immortal rts game modes
(Picture: SunSpear Games)

Also, the game will contain community events from time to time and a spectator mode that will allow you to find friends and learn from in-game mentors.

Kickstarter rewards

As for the rewards available within the crowdfunding campaign, there is a large selection depending on whether you are more of a digital collector, or if you prefer to have perks of the project in physical form.

These range from access to monthly updates, a special role within the game and their Discord server, and invitations to Stress Test for just $2. Would-be players can access the game’s alpha build and exclusive loot within it for $60. The truly generous can put up $10,000 to have a custom Immortal and skin created for them, as well as physical rewards.

Roadmap and release date

As part of their development process, testers will have access to two factions, four Immortals, and four PVP maps, plus party play and game chat at the release of the alpha, estimated for October this year.

As it progresses, another new faction, cooperative scenarios, four more Immortals, up to 10 PVP maps, equipment and spectator mode will be added during the Beta to be launched in June 2022.

Finally, the game with all its factions, Immortals, communities, and other content is expected to be released in late 2022.