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Let's test udpate date

Let's test udpate date
Let's test udpate date
ver since Valorant's release almost two years ago, the art team behind the skin collections Riot Games has pumped out has been raising the bar with almost every new entry. 

From Elderflame to Prime or Glitchpop, some bundles have already become a staple of the FPS, with almost an entire subculture of collectors sprawling as a result.  

Sometimes, though, the devs decide to cater to those who also like to click heads on style but are doing so on a budget. Considering the tactical shooter is free-to-play and doesn't demand a high-end PC, that's a lot of people. 


This may disappoint some of those that eagerly await and expect each new collection to come with all the premium bells and whistles Riot has accustomed us to. Finishers, kill banners, variants, you name it.