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Mario Golf: Super Rush - How to pre-order, release date and more

A new Mario title is dropping this summer and this time the crew heads to the green.
Mario Golf: Super Rush - How to pre-order, release date and more

Mario Golf: Super Rush is the latest instalment in the Mario franchise. It’s the first golf title since 2014’s Mario Golf: World Tour and, of course, is coming to the Nintendo Switch. 

When Nintendo announced Super Rush, fans were immediately captivated by the impressive graphics and seemingly smooth controls. One problem that many golf games face is the controls, which can either make or break the gameplay. The backswing, follow-through, etc. all can be finicky but Nintendo does have experience in this area. 

If World Tour was any indication, Super Rush should be an enjoyable experience that sees Mario and the gang back on the green. 

Mario Golf: Super Rush -Release date and pre-order

Mario Gulf Super Rush Nintendo is releasing yet another golf title for Mario. (Picture: Nintendo)

Mario Golf: Super Rush arrives on Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2021. Fans can pre-order the title in a variety of ways, with the easiest being through Nintendo’s official website or through the Switch itself.

If you choose to go through the website, you’ll need to sign in and provide financial information to pre-order. If you go through the Switch, you’ll need to do the same unless your information is saved in the system. 

The pre-order enables you to play as soon as Super Rush releases, which doesn’t have a set time yet. However, there should be a download that comes through prior to this, so you can install it and simply wait for it to release. 


The most important part of any Mario Golf title is the gameplay. Nintendo seems to have done a great job at ensuring the integrity of the sport has remained intact despite it taking place in an animated world. 

As with most other Mario titles, there will be a single and multiplayer mode. The single-player mode will take players on a journey across the game’s maps and modes. In regards to the modes, there’s the exciting Speed Golf mode, which has players racing against others to get their ball in the hole first. 

Super Rush will also support both online and local multiplayer. There’s support for 4 players on both online and local. While this sounds great, it does mean players will need to watch their friends or opponents take their shot before they have an opportunity to step up to the tee.