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Roblox Rojutsu Blox Redeem Codes (December 2021): Free experience, spins, and more

Here is the list of the currently working Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes that you can redeem to get free experience and spins, and level up faster.
If you are searching for Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes you are in the right place!

Rojutsu Blox is a popular Roblox game based on the Jujutsu Kaisen anime, developed by Retribution Studios and it has become one of the most popular games on the platform following the game's release earlier this year.

The core mechanics of the game are exploration and battles, but some battles can be really hard and so you will need to level up your characters before being ready to progress.

And a great way for that is to use Rojutsu Blox codes which will grant you free levels, spins, and bonus experience.

Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes

Roblox Rojutsu Blox Codes
(Picture: Retribution Studios)

Here we have the full list of all currently active and working Rojutsu Blox codes which you can use to level up.

Working Rojutsu Blox codes

  • !ReColor4 – random cursed colour
  • !ReColor5 – random cursed colour
  • !ReColor6 – random cursed colour
  • !PrestCode1 – 5% chance to keep stats and gain a prestige level (limit prestige 10)
  • !PrestCode2 – 5% chance to keep stats and gain a prestige level (limit prestige 10)
  • !PrestCode3 – 5% chance to keep stats and gain a prestige level (limit prestige 10)

Expired Rojutsu Blox codes

These codes no longer work and you won't be able to use them.

  • !ResetCode1 - Stat Reset
  • !PremiumSpin1 - 10 Premium Spins
  • !Spin1 - 50 Spins
  • !MobileFix1 - EXP Boost 
  • !GiftsForAll - 30 Spins, 10k Yen, 5 Premium Spins, 10k EXP
  • !Prestige - 60 spins
  • !20KLikes - 45 free spins and 200,000 EXP
  • !Curtain - 30 Spins, 5 Premium Spins, 10 mins 1.5x Yen, 5,000EXP, and 10,000 Yen (NEW)
  • !Upd3 -60 spins, 2,500 yen, 50,000 EXP, 30 minutes 1.5x EXP
  • !Rojutsu
  • !10KLikes
  • !Mobile
  • !MileStone
  • !Update3
  • !PopularPage
  • !Friends
  • !Update2
  • !Sorry
  • !TestNoJutsu

How to redeem Rojutsu Blox Codes

Rojutsu Blox how to redeem
(Picture: Retribution Studios)

Redeeming Rojutsu Blox codes is quite easy, all you need to do is to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the chat in the top left corner
  2. Type a code you want to redeem and press enter (remember to use "!")
  3. And that's it, the code is redeemed!

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