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Warframe Promo Codes October 2022 - Free Glyph, Items

Here is the list of the latest Warframe promo codes that you can redeem to get free rewards like Glyph, items and more.
Warframe Promo Codes October 2022 - Free Glyph, Items

The latest batch of Warframe redeem codes has arrived, waiting for players to use them and collect their free rewards, including Glyph, items, and much more!

Warframe is a popular cooperative third-person action game that is set in a sci-fi world. Players can choose their own characters and explore the world while fighting the enemies. Now, there will be times when you will need to spend your money to get your favourite items.

Since it is not possible for everyone, you can get your hands on some free stuff by redeeming the Warframe codes released from time to time. We have listed all the working redeem codes available at the moment that you can use to get free Glyph, items and more.

Warframe latest promo codes

Warframe promo codes
Redeem Warframe promo codes to get free rewards. (Picture: Digital Extremes)

Warframe promo codes are released via the game’s social media handles, Discord server, and more. Also, make sure to redeem these codes as early as possible since most of them are time-limited.

  • PARVOS: Golden Hand Decoration
  • AdmiralBahroo: AdmiralBahroo Glyph
  • AeonKnight86: AeonKnight86 Glyph
  • AGayGuyPlays: AGayGuyPlays Glyph
  • AlainLove: AlainLove Glyph
  • AlexanderDario: AlexanderDario Glyph
  • Amprov: Amprov Glyph
  • AngryUnicorn: AngryUnicorn Glyph
  • AnjetCat: AnjetCat Glyph
  • AnnoyingKillah: AnnoyingKillah Glyph
  • AshiSogiTenno: AshiSogiTenno Glyph
  • Avelna: Avelna Glyph
  • Aznitrous: Aznitrous Glyph
  • BigJimID: BigJimID Glyph
  • BrazilCommunityDiscord: BrazilCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • Bricky: Bricky Glyph
  • Brozime: Brozime Glyph
  • BurnBxx: BurnBxx Glyph
  • Bwana: Bwana Glyph
  • CephalonSquared: CephalonSquared Glyph
  • CGsKnackie: CGsKnackie Glyph
  • ChacyTay: ChacyTay Glyph
  • Char: Char Glyph
  • Cleonaturin: Cleonaturin Glyph
  • CohhCarnage: CohhCarnage Glyph
  • CopyKavat: CopyKavat Glyph
  • Cpt_Kim: Cpt_Kim Glyph
  • DanielTheDemon: DanielTheDemon Glyph
  • DasterCreations: DasterCreations Glyph
  • DayJobo: DayJobo Glyph
  • DebbySheen: DebbySheen Glyph
  • Deejayknight: Deejayknight Glyph
  • DeepBlueBeard: DeepBlueBeard Glyph
  • DeuceTheGamer: DeuceTheGamer Glyph
  • DillyFrame: DillyFrame Glyph
  • DimitriV2: DimitriV2 Glyph
  • DjTechLive: DjTechLive Glyph
  • DkDiamantes: DkDiamantes Glyph
  • DNexus: DNexus Glyph
  • Eduiy16: Eduiy16 Glyph
  • ElDanker: ElDanker Glyph
  • ElGrineerExiliado: ElGrineerExiliado Glyph
  • Elnoraeleo: Elnoraeleo Glyph
  • Emojv: Emojv Glyph
  • EmpryeanCap: EmpryeanCap Glyph
  • ExtraCredits: ExtraCredits Glyph
  • FacelessBeanie: FacelessBeanie Glyph
  • FashionFrameIsEndGame: FashionFrameIsEndGame Glyph
  • FeelLikeAPlayer: FeelLikeAPlayer Glyph
  • FloofyDwagon: FloofyDwagon Glyph
  • FromThe70s: FromThe70s Glyph
  • FrostyNovaPrime: FrostyNovaPrime Glyph
  • Frozenballz: Frozenballz Glyph
  • Gara: Gara Glyph
  • GermanCommunityDiscord: GermanCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • GlamShatterSkull: GlamShatterSkull Glyph
  • Golden: Golden Glyph
  • GrindHardSquad: GrindHardSquad Glyph
  • HappinesDark: HappinesDark Glyph
  • H3DSH0T: H3DSH0T Glyph
  • Homiinvocado: Homiinvocado Glyph
  • HotShomStories: HotShomStories Glyph
  • Hydroxate: Hydroxate Glyph
  • Iflynn: Iflynn Glyph
  • Ikedo: Ikedo Glyph
  • InfoDiversao: InfoDiversao Glyph
  • IWoply: IWoply Glyph
  • JoeyZero: JoeyZero Glyph
  • Joriale: Joriale Glyph
  • JustRLC: JustRLC Glyph
  • K1llerBarbie: K1llerBarbie Glyph
  • KavatsSchroedinger: KavatsSchroedinger Glyph
  • KingGothaLion: KingGothaLion Glyph
  • Kiwad    Kiwad Glyph
  • Kr1ptonPlayer: Kr1ptonPlayer Glyph
  • LadyTheLaddy: LadyTheLaddy Glyph
  • LeoDoodling: LeoDoodling Glyph
  • LeyzarGamingViews: LeyzarGamingViews Glyph
  • L1feWater: L1feWater Glyph
  • LiliLexi: LiliLexi Glyph
  • IISlip: IISlip Glyph
  • LynxAria: LynxAria Glyph
  • Macho: Macho Glyph
  • MadFury: MadFury Glyph
  • Makarimorph: Makarimorph Glyph
  • McGamerCZ: McGamerCZ Glyph
  • McMonkeys: McMonkeys Glyph
  • MHBlacky: MHBlacky Glyph
  • MichelPostma: MichelPostma Glyph
  • MikeTheBard: MikeTheBard Glyph
  • MissFwuffy: MissFwuffy Glyph
  • Mogamu: Mogamu Glyph
  • MrSteelWar: MrSteelWar Glyph
  • NoSympathyy: NoSympathyy Glyph
  • OddieOwl: OddieOwl Glyph
  • OriginalWickedFun: OriginalWickedFun Glyph
  • OrpheusDeluxe: OrpheusDeluxe Glyph
  • PammyJammy: PammyJammy Glyph
  • PocketNinja: PocketNinja Glyph
  • PostiTV: PostiTV Glyph
  • Pyrah: Pyrah Glyph
  • ProfessorBroman: ProfessorBroman Glyph
  • QTCC: QTCC Glyph
  • QTCC2: QTCC2 Glyph
  • RagingTerror: RagingTerror Glyph
  • Rahetalius: Rahetalius Glyph
  • RainbowWaffles: RainbowWaffles Glyph
  • RebelDustyPinky: RebelDustyPinky Glyph
  • Relentlesszen: Relentlesszen Glyph
  • ReyGanso: ReyGanso Glyph
  • Rippz0r: Rippz0r Glyph
  • Ritens: Ritens Glyph
  • RoyalPrat: RoyalPrat Glyph
  • RustyFin: RustyFin Glyph
  • R/Warframe: r/Warframe Glyph
  • Sapmatic: Sapmatic Glyph
  • SarahTsang: SarahTsang Glyph
  • SerdarSari: SerdarSari Glyph
  • Sharlazard: Sharlazard Glyph
  • ShenZhao: ShenZhao Glyph
  • Sherpa: Sherpa Glyph
  • Shul: Shul Glyph
  • SillFix: SillFix Glyph
  • SkillUp: SkillUp Glyph
  • Smoodie: Smoodie Glyph
  • Sn0wRC: Sn0wRC Glyph
  • Strippin: Strippin Glyph
  • StudioCyen: StudioCyen Glyph
  • TaticalPotato: TaticalPotato Glyph
  • Tanchan: Tanchan Glyph
  • TBGKaru: TBGKaru Glyph
  • TinBears: TinBears Glyph
  • TeaWrex: TeaWrex Glyph
  • TennoForever: TennoForever Glyph
  • TheGamio: TheGamio Glyph
  • TioMario: TioMario Glyph
  • TioRamon: TioRamon Glyph
  • TotalN3wb: TotalN3wb Glyph
  • ToxickToe: ToxickToe Glyph
  • TrashFrame: TrashFrame Glyph
  • Triburos: Triburos Glyph
  • UnrealYuki: UnrealYuki Glyph
  • VAMP6X6X6X: VAMP6X6X6X Glyph
  • Vamppire: Vamppire Glyph
  • Vernoc: Vernoc Glyph
  • VoidFissureBR: VoidFissureBR Glyph
  • Voli: Voli Glyph
  • VoltTheHero: VoltTheHero Glyph
  • VVhiteAngel: VVhiteAngel Glyph
  • Wanderbots: Wanderbots Glyph
  • WarframeCommunityDiscord: WarframeCommunityDiscord Glyph
  • WarframeRunway: WarframeRunway Glyph
  • WarframeWiki: WarframeWiki Glyph
  • WideScreenJohn: WideScreenJohn Glyph
  • Woxli: Woxli Glyph
  • Xenogelion: Xenogelion Glyph
  • Zarionis: Zarionis Glyph
  • Zxpfer: Zxpfer Glyph

How to redeem Warframe promo codes

If you are new to the game and don’t know how to redeem Warframe promo codes, we have listed below the steps that you can follow to claim free rewards:

  1. Copy a code from the above list and go to the official Warframe Promo Code Redemption website.
  2. Login to your account and paste the code under the Promo Code section.
  3. Click on Submit Code and head over to the game to claim your reward.

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