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Where to find every hat in Little Nightmares 2

Between the creepy atmosphere and terrifying monsters, there’s an assortment of hats to find within Little Nightmares 2. Here’s how you can unlock them all.
Where to find every hat in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is the sequel you hoped it would be, filled with memorable set-pieces and creepy monsters which expands upon the original’s frights.

There’s customisation in the sequel too, with lead character Mono able to equip different hats which range from teddy bear heads to police caps.

The majority are found within levels, with two available to collect from the first four chapters. There’s other conditions for unlocking the remaining hats, including beating the game and purchasing DLC.

So where can you find each hat? We’ve broken down the locations of each hat by chapter, along with the unlock criteria for the rest, below. 


Where to find every hat in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 has 12 different hats you can unlock (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

Chapter 1

  • The first hat can be found when you enter the house. Once you make it through the first room and enter the hallway, run down and turn left. The hat should be sat in the middle of the room. 
  • Once you attain the key for the back door of the house, a Nome will appear. Follow it up to the loft of the house. Follow him with the light, moving the box when he stops so he can safely jump across and navigate across the walkway. Flick the light switch at the end and head back into the previous room. Pull out the drawer and you’ll find a way to climb up and follow the same path as the Nome, although you’ll have to climb higher and walk across the planks. Once you make it to the end, you’ll receive the Nome hat. 
  • After the gun chase with the boss, you’ll find a cage you can climb onto. Jump up and down repeatedly and it’ll drop to the floor and reveal another hat. 


Chapter 2

The school is run by a terrifying headmistress (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

  • The first hat can be found in the playground area at the entrance of the school. Climb the stairs at the front door and jump onto the bin beside them. The hat is sitting on top.
  • The second hat is in the library room. When you first enter, move the ladder one shelf to the left. Climb to the top and you’ll find the tin hat. 

Chapter 3

  • In the room with the teddy bears next to the x-ray room, climb the shelf on the far right and you’ll find the teddy bear hat on the top. 
  • After escaping the boss for the first time, navigate through the roof and you’ll drop down into a morgue area. Pass through the shelf where Six pushes you across and you’ll be in a room surrounded by drawers with a tap in the middle. Pull the drawer on the bottom left side next to the table in the centre, where you’ll find the bandage hat. 

Chapter 4

Ready for TV teleportation? (Picture: Bandai Namco) 

  • After you get the TV remote, drop down in the area below the swinging lamp. Turn left and head up the stack of letters to the vent, where you’ll find the police hat.
  • In the shop area, grab the trolley and move it next to the shelf opposite the window where you climbed in. Push it against it, climb up and the hat is by the dog symbol on the wall. 


How to unlock the remaining hats

  • Complete the game for The Thin Man hat (you’ll also unlock a trophy/achievement when you wear it)
  • The last hat is DLC unlocked by purchasing it through the respective platform's store. 

Little Nightmares 2 is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.