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WWE Superstar Tommaso Ciampa cosplays as Kratos for championship defence

The NXT Champion, Tomasso Ciampa, geared up for his Halloween Havoc defence God of War-style.
Tommaso Whitney, more commonly known for his in-ring name, Tommasso Ciampa was turning heads at the Capitol Wrestling Center during this week’s edition of NXT 2.0.

Ciampa walked down the ramp for his main event bout against newcomer Braun Breakker, son of wrestling legend Rick Steiner and nephew to Scott Steiner, for the NXT Championship cosplaying as Kratos, the God of War.

WWE social media team quickly caught up to tribute and posted a screengrab of the broadcast for the world to see their champion covered in a blue version of the iconic red tattoo.

The tweet is quickly catching traction across the bird app, nearing 5,000 interactions at the time of writing -- huge social media numbers for the NXT Twitter account, their C-show compared to decades-in-the-running Smackdown or RAW.

kratos tommasso ciampa god of war nxt braun breakker championship wwe adam cole aew wrestling cosplay zelina vega
Tommaso won his second NXT Championship which he defended for the first time in God of War fashion. (Picture: WWE/NXT/USA Network)

The revamped version of NXT has been led by the 36-year-old wrestling veteran who needed to show a more gory, brutal side of him during their spooky-themed event, Halloween Havoc.

Just ahead of 31st October, Tommaso pulled out all the stops as his shaved head and long bearded look has brought the Boston-native plenty of God of War comparisons with the years.

kratos tommasso ciampa god of war nxt braun breakker championship wwe adam cole aew wrestling cosplay zelina vega
The bald and beard look has haunted Ciampa with Kratos comparison since the dawn of time. (Picture: WWE Network)

Ciampa recently won the top-of-the-card belt during the season premiere of NXT 2.0 in a Fatal-Four-Way match back in mid-September. He had vacated the title in 2019 after an almost career-ending neck injury.

Since regaining his place at the top of the food chain, the Steiner prodigy stepped up to the plate for a Halloween Havoc 2021 match where the Ghost of Sparta stood tall in a gruelling main event match. 

Here’s to many more wrestling and video game crossovers as the world is getting spookier and spookier by the day!


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Feature image courtesy of WWE and Sony.