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World of Warcraft
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WoW Auction House issue cause slowdown in TBC Classic

Blizzard has revealed why The Burning Crusade Classic players are experiencing Auction House issues including massive slowdowns in WoW right now.
While many players are loving their journey through Outland in The Burning Crusade Classic, clearing raids quickly and racing to hit level 70, not everything is working as intended. Specifically, players on "some" servers (it feels like most of them) are experiencing Auction House issues, putting a damper on their WoW economic experience. Here's why there are massive slowdowns in the Auction House right now.

TBC Classic Auction House issues explained

First of all, it is important to note that Blizzard decided to make the Auction House in TBC Classic an authentic experience. This means players don't have the same retail AH in Classic as they have in Shadowlands, for example.

World of warcraft wow auction house AH issues TBC Classic slowdown blizzard entertainment(Picture: Blizzard)

That's part of the issue, as the old Auction House doesn't have all the nifty features, and players have to currently struggle through pages and pages of one cloth sellers.

Blizzard Entertainment's Community Manager, Kaivax, took to the official forms to address the current Auction House issues in TBC Classic.

Kaivax explains: "We’re aware of issues with the Auction House on some realms. This includes lag that some players are experiencing as well as the behaviour of posting excessive single items to overwhelm the Auction House. We’re working to address these issues."

World of warcraft wow auction house AH issues TBC Classic slowdown blizzard entertainment(Picture: Blizzard via WoW Forums)

While Blizzard is currently working on the issues, there's no ETA on a fix as of 10th June 2021.

The reason for the WoW Auction House in TBC Classic being so slow is due to its own limitations, and many players spam-posting small items, hundreds if not thousands of them at once.

This means the issues of slow Auction Houses on multiple realms is, in essence, also the fault of players. However, Blizzard definitely should have anticipated the practice, as it was part of The Burning Crusade's original experience as well.

Sometimes, creating an authentic experience isn't the best way to go about things, as small quality-of-life changes can make all the difference.

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