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Logan Paul spent $3.5 million on a fake Pokémon card box

YouTube megastar Logan Paul was scammed out of $3.5 million after finding out his Pokémon "1st Edition Base Set" box was fake and filled with junk G.I Joe cards.
Famous internet star Logan Paul broke headlines late last year when he revealed investing $3.5 million in a Pokémon "1st Edition Base Set" box. When asked why he invested so much money, the YouTuber said the sealed box was "one of a kind" and supposedly authenticated by rating agency BBCE as legitimate.

However, in response to growing suspicion from Pokémon enthusiasts regarding the box's illegitimacy, Logan Paul decided to open the box. Followingly, the YouTube star sadly realized that he was scammed after finding fake G.I Joe booster packs. "The story is f*cking crazy, and it sucks," Logan said.

Logan Paul loses $3.5 million in fake Pokemon box scam

On 13th January, Logan Paul uploaded a YouTube video revealing that he was "out three and a half million dollars." The internet megastar said that he flew out to Chicago, where the BBCE rating agency was based, to verify the validity of the box.

Sadly, after inspecting the box's contents, it quickly became apparent that something was wrong.

Logan Paul found out his $ 3.5 million Pokémon cards were all fake
Logan Paul found out his $ 3.5 million Pokémon cards were all fake. (Picture: YouTube / Logan Paul)

While the sealed box contained what looked like legitimate Pokémon card boxes, Logan's hope quickly faded after the BBCE employee noticed the boxes looked "puffy" and pointed out the discolouration of the box.

The BBCE employee later proceeded to open the Pokémon box, only to find junk G.I Joe cards stashed inside. "This is the biggest fraud in the entire history of Pokémon," said one of the BBCE employees.

"G.I Joe, that's the worst part," said Logan. "I'm a super positive person. And I'll always be the one to look at the bright side, and I'm trying, but this is very hard. It's just so sad for all parties involved," he added.

While the $ 3.5 million loss visibly defeated Logan, we commend him for handling the tragic news so well. Admittedly, if it were me, I'd probably break down in tears.

"I'm grateful for the things I have now that are real," he added. "We got f*cked. End of story."

Logan Paul spent $ 3.5 million on a bunch of junk G.I Joe cards
Logan Paul spent $ 3.5 million on a bunch of junk G.I Joe cards. (Picture: YouTube / Logan Paul)

Followingly, BBCE issued a statement saying that they would be "re-evaluating [their] approach to all sealed cases going forward [...] to avoid this happening in the future."

The sellers of Logan's Pokémon card box have yet to provide a statement in response to the news of the scam.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / Logan Paul.