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MrBeast's $100k YouTube bank heist challenge is GTA in real-life

MrBeast's latest "bank heist" YouTube challenge has brought the GTA experience to life after contestants had to rob a bank vault containing $100,000 in cash!
Jimmy "MrBeast" Donaldson's latest YouTube challenge has brought the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) experience to life, offering up $100,000 in cash to contestants that successfully rob a bank. Similar to his previous challenges, like the time MrBeast hosted a $500,000 game of Tag, claiming the prize would not be an easy feat. This followed after contestants had to traverse through several challenges before finally reaching the bank vault containing the cash.

MrBeast's $100k YouTube challenge is GTA in real-life

Despite only being uploaded less than 24-hours ago, MrBeast's "First To Rob Bank Wins $100,000" YouTube video already garnered over 7.6 million views. The video saw MrBeast's crew (Chandler, Karl, Nolan and Chris) compete against each other in order to win $100k in cash for their dads.

MrBeast offers up $100k in cash to contestant that successfully robs bank
MrBeast offers up $100k in cash to the first contestant to successfully rob a bank vault in his latest challenge. (Picture: YouTue / MrBeast)

Each challenge had decoy vaults but could potentially unlock additional prizes for contestants or for their fathers. This included a Tesla car, additional cash money, or tools to help them succeed in subsequent challenges.

In the first challenge, contestants had to try and breach into a walled-off bank lobby. Many contestants attempted to break the glass or breach through the walls, but Chris simply jumped over to win the challenge.

The second challenge saw contestants attempt to make their way through a room filled with lasers and the second challenge had contestants swim through a room filled with "one billion red soda cups" in an effort to find the vault key. 

In the next challenge, contestants had to dart across a room before a gate to the bank vault closed. Karl was the first to make it through and although he didn't uncover the real vault, he did win $10,000 in cash for his dad.

MrBeast "First to Rob Bank" challenges has contestants compete to win $100k for their dads
MrBeast "First to Rob Bank" challenges has contestants compete to win $100k for their dads. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

In the fourth challenge, contestants had to build a Lego structure to help them reach a key that dangled from the ceiling. Chandler nearly broke his ankle but eventually won the challenge. After unlocking the vault, however, he sadly uncovered an ultimatum, which read: "If you don't win the next challenge, you're kicked." Chandler eventually passed the solo challenge and continued with the game.

Contestants continued to complete several other challenges that eventually led them back to the first vault. To prevent contestants (or rather, Chris) from attempting to jump over, MrBeast put nails at the top of the barricade.

After Nolan managed to smash through the glass, he darted to open the vault that contained $100,000 in cash for his dad.

Nolan wins $100k for his dad in MrBeast "First to Rob Bank" challenge
Nolan wins $100k for his dad in MrBeast "First to Rob Bank" challenge. (Picture: YouTube / MrBeast)

MrBeast is known to offer up outrageous prizes for his YouTube challenges but is also known to be incredibly philanthropic. He recently brought aid to survivors of Hurricane Ida and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to people in need of food or school supplies.

While it's crazy watching contestants win high-stakes games like this, it's awesome to know that MrBeast opens his heart (and wallet) in such a huge way as well.


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Featured image courtesy of YouTube / MrBeast & Rockstar Games.