Watch The Call Of Duty Championships On Ginx eSports TV

This is the first year of Call Of Duty’s World League, the expanded eSports calendar from Activision that has had the best teams competing for a place in this week’s Call Of Duty Championships.

Having started in January of this year, the World League was split into three regions – North America, Europe and Australia & New Zealand – with 12 teams in the US, 10 in EU and 8 in ANZ.

Now that the World League is complete, however, we’ve got the rosters that are coming to COD: XP this week, where the Call Of Duty Champsionships are being held.

But you don’t think you’ll miss a single shot fired, grenade thrown or drone scored, because you can tune in to Ginx eSports TV to watch the entire competition in full.

Everyday from 9PM BST today (1 September) for a full week you can watch every match from the Call Of Duty Championships on Sky channel 470 or Virgin Media 290. You can see the full schedule below.

And if you’re not quite up to speed with Call Of Duty’s eSports scene – or simply want to keep up with the events of the World League earlier this year – then we’ve got you covered with our article detailing everything you need to know about Call Of Duty eSports.

Call Of Duty Championships on Ginx eSports TV


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