GINX and eSports – Press Start!

Hey GINX fans!

Bit of a news update here for you on what we’ve been cooking up at GINX Towers over the last few weeks.

As you know, we love everything about and around the world of gaming, and always want to find more ways of sharing our passion with the world by bringing great shows, fun and entertainment to gamers of all kinds.

eSports and competitive gaming is already massive – we’ve got big fans of pretty much all of the top titles here, and as a result we’ve decided we really want to help share the amazing plays, stories and personalities that take place 24 hours a day.

As a result, we’ve got our planning hats on and are getting to work on how we can start producing great eSports content for you. Whether you’re a grizzled competitive veteran with many a match under your belt, or taking your first steps onto an online battlefield in the world of competitive gaming, we’re aiming to be by your side every step of the way with great shows and content.

It’s dangerous to go alone though (as any Zelda fan knows!), and we can’t do this without you. We’d especially love to hear what games you’d like us to cover, and any ideas you have about have how we can GINX-ify the world of eSports – let us know your thoughts by chatting to us in the comments field below, we’d love to hear from you!

We’re also looking for writers to help us here on the site – whatever your experience level, whether you’re already a paid-up writer in the field or are looking to test your mettle for the first time, please drop a mail to with what your eSports passions are, what kinds of articles or pieces you’d like to do, and a writing sample or links to any existing work.

Form your party, pick your game and virtual weapon of choice, and Ready Up – our journey begins here!

-The GINX Team-

[Photo Credit – League of Legends World Championship Final 2015, [C] Riot Games]

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